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Oct. 21 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, October 21, 2018

A big thank you for Clint who works at the 10th Street post office. He is always so helpful and pleasant.

Bless the heart (lessness) of the Ayden Planning Board members who failed to vote in favor of a special use permit for a woman who has already purchased a new single-wide for her property. Everyone isn’t fortunate enough to be able to afford a double wide. What if you were in her shoes? Let’s hope the Ayden town board has a heart!

BYH: Voting is more than just going to the polls. Voting includes research — checking a candidate’s past deeds, actions and truthfulness. Voting is choosing the right person for the office that they are seeking. Vote, but choose someone worthy of the office that they are seeking to fill.

BYH, Greenville Police Department. At 8 a.m. I drove past the school on Elm Street doing the 25 mph speed limit. A PD car passed me exceeding that limit and then a car passed the police car doing even more over the limit. The police car did absolutely nothing about the speeder. What the heck is going on here?

BYH to incumbent politicians who resent any election competition. You're all about free market economic competition, but are offended that you have to earn your elected position and run against an opponent. Political service is a privilege and not an entitlement.

BYH to all who have yard signs supporting N.C. hog farming. Yes, farms equal food. And clean water equals life. Reasonable people have to create compromises. Let’s ensure that “family farms” (which may be managed under corporate policies) do not use waste management practices that threaten clean water.

During a campaign rally in Montana on Thursday night, the President of the United States praised a Republican Congressman for assaulting a reporter. Our president said, “ Any guy that can do a body slam — he’s my kind of guy.” This comment (which got a big laugh at the rally) and others in which our president incites violence against the press makes me so ashamed and distraught that Donald Trump represents our country. Get out and vote!

BYH, ECU, is your leadership just using a Magic 8 ball to make decisions or what? They closed the food court at Mendenhall before they opened the new student center. Just one tiny example of poor planning, no vision, weak leadership and total disregard for the students.

A huge thank you to the schools and sheriff's office for giving third- and fourth-graders bicycle helmets. I just hope more will wear them while riding bikes as the state law requires everyone under the age of 16 to do so. Adults could be better role models by wearing helmets, too, when they ride.The ones who don't wear them don't seem to care about what happens to their brains in head injuries,  Bless Their Hearts.

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