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Oct. 31 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, October 31, 2018

BYH to our police in Winterville. Have you ever hear of the Car 54 TV show? The punch line was "Where are you?" That is my question. Why are you not at the schools — especially the elementary ones controlling the traffic around the schools. Some kid is going to get hurt or killed because of the lack of police presence at our schools!

BYH to those who defend the ECU students and their right to uptown. This is the citizens’ city — not the ECU Funhouse. They are visitors. They expect our citizens to fund their foolishness and put up with their disrespectful attitudes. Uptown or downtown, whichever way you call it, is a trouble spot for Greenville! On Halloween night don't use the police to watch downtown — let the ECU students' parents come into town and watch their own children!

I want to compliment the runners and walkers on the Brook Valley Shortcut. They always move out of your way and usually give you a wave and smile as you pass by. In other neighborhoods the runners and walkers hog the road forcing you to slow down and pass in the oncoming lane. It costs nothing to be courteous. Take a lesson in manners!

BYH to those in our business community who have taken an interest in helping promote the music scene in Greenville. Your effort is a great investment in our community and I hope others in the city will follow your lead. Keep promoting!

Trump: If there was just one armed guard at the temple, things might have worked out differently. Ah, yes, if just every church, temple and school was am armed encampment, and if America was just one large armed encampment, we would all be safer. BYH.

I see many in the online jail booking photos who look worse for wear due to resisting arrest. Those men who are planning on getting married need to study these photos and learn the penalty for resisting your wife and her mother's instructions.

Bless my heart, excuse me but if it really is all "fake news" and probably so, why have there been no lawsuits brought against this wicked, wicked media? Duh?

BYH to all those constantly putting President Trump down. You blame him for everything that goes wrong in this country. It is not Trump who is the problem, but the people who cause the problems. Look in the mirror, and ask yourself: Am I perfect? The answer is no. Neither is Trump, but he is our president. Support him, pray for him, and respect him as your president. That is what being an American is all about!

Bless our hearts, with the cooler temperatures here, we will all benefit from a few months without those murderous mosquitoes.

BYH to kindergarten teachers! We were taught in kindergarten not to make fun of other people. If you do not like what you see, keep it to yourself. Do not make fun of them. Mind your own business.

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