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Nov. 3 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, November 3, 2018

Bless the heart of whoever has responsibility of the wooden fence that borders 14th Street between Red Banks and Greenville Boulevard. It is shameful that the City permits such a disgraceful sight. Surely there must be a code violation here. If not, it's time to drain our swamp.

BYH to all those who do not know whether they are coming or going. When you are downtown, the street numbers and house numbers are down. You know when you are going uptown when the street numbers and house numbers are going up. If you remember that you forgot something, you can just turn around and follow the numbers that are going down again. Ray Charles (Robinson) sang about a woman way over town. Let’s save that one for another time.

BYH President Trump. The media has been tough on all of our presidents at times and rightly so. Freedom of the press, mentioned in the first amendment to the constitution, is there for a very good reason. Media coverage is part of the system of checks and balances that holds our leaders accountable. The press is not the enemy of the people. It is an essential part of a democracy.

BYH, Rev. Barber. Poor people — black, white, Hispanic have to have an ID to get all the free stuff they get. Easy to understand rules. Any government-issued ID will work for voting. All military, college students, legal drivers have such ID. What is the problem, except the need for illegal voting!

First of all, not all who are anti-Trump are lefty loonies. Second of all, only the one-percenters can see what, if anything, he has accomplished because that's all he represents.

Bless your heart, Reflector, for publishing most candidate comparisons after early voting has started and therefore too late to make a difference for early voters.

BMH, I am so looking forward to voting! I don't trust the early voting thing; I want to see my vote counted on the day. I can't wait to vote!

Bless Your Heart to the person characterizing unions as a model of efficiency. That’s not been my experience.

While I applaud all efforts to reduce bullying in schools and anywhere else, it's odd, sad, unfortunate and ironic that Students Against Destructive Decisions made their point about non-bullying by pummeling, destroying and wasting pumpkins. Seriously? Very sad.

Bless the hearts of parents of college students. After colleges pay analysts, deans, managers, consultants and specialists, we have to raise the cost of going to college. At some point we are going to probably have to give a decent salary to those that actually stand in front of kids and teach. Continue to expect to pay for our inability to balance our budgets and make good decisions. Heck, now our system needs to find a half-million bucks to pay for our boss leaving. I think the inmates are running the asylum.

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