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Nov. 9 Bless Your Heart


Friday, November 9, 2018

Bless your heart to the person who thought it was appropriate to attack Kris Rixon yesterday. He worked hard and cares about his community. What more do you want in a potential elected official?

BYH to all the President Trump’s haters! All I can say is: He’s making America great again! God bless him and America. Also, the “blue wave” became a “blue puddle.”

Bless your heart to Evans street between Red Banks Road and Fire Tower Road. I am sorry no one cares enough about you to repair all of your potholes, cracks and crevices. You are so neglected — not to mention the verbal abuse you get from the hundreds of drivers that travel you daily.

BYH to the person poking at "serious issues like stormwater and global warming." No jobs are going to come to this community if it submerges in the surrounding swamp. Good luck with your economy then.

BYH to the person trying to shame people having differing political views. Is there such a thing as a sore winner?

BYH and congratulations to Sheriff-elect Paula Dance. Perhaps she will do something about shutting down the video poker gaming establishments and small stores in the county that prey on the people who can least afford to lose their money, causing their families suffer — not to mention the crime that is also affiliated with these games. Please do something about situation when you're sworn in.

BYH, anyone complaining about a caravan of people seeking help or freedom in a new country isn't allowed to celebrate Thanksgiving. And if they are bent out of shape over the idea of refugees, like the baby Jesus and his parents, they aren't allowed to celebrate Christmas either!

BYH, just in case you weren't aware how the undemocratic tactic of gerrymandering (cheating) works, which is drawing districts using computer precision mathematics, in this week's election N.C. Democrats got 1,747,742 votes and Republicans got 1,638,684. Democrats got three Congressional seats and Republicans got seven seats. Let that sink in.

BYH, the trouble with being known as a liar is that there comes a time where people don't believe anything you say, and the rest don't seem to care if you lie constantly.

Voter ID passed the referendum and the people have spoken. Why is it suppression to ask someone to show their ID to vote? How about the poll workers who stood out in front of the Willis building and harassed the students walking in to vote? I was appalled to see someone in their mid 60s trying to prevent these students from voting.

BYH to the elections. I am a college-educated woman. I am educated enough to know that I did not vote Democrat. Who took those polls? You have to look at who is doing the polling to get to the truth.

BYH, stay engaged.

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