BYH ECU Trustees. Of course you were not told about the lawsuit against Vidant. Harry Smith and Bill Roper control it...

Nov. 13 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

This BYH goes out to The Daily Reflector. Thank you and bless you for your article on Veterans Day. These marvelous people are a big part of why America is Great. To the veterans out there from me and my family, "Thank you and God bless you."

BYH to Farmville Utilities for sending me a $232 utility bill for a home that no one has lived in since April 2018. I cut the lights off two months ago. There’s not been a soul in the house for 224 days.

Bless your heart, ECU basketball. Your ball handling leaves much to be desired. Your foul shooting is terrible. But you play with a lot of heart and are fun to watch. It is just a matter of time until the wins come.

Bless the heart of the person who does not know that the City of Greenville does not run the Veterans Day program on an annual basis. We at the Pitt County Veterans Council sponsor the event, but we have not received enough support from the community to continue the program. Get involved so we can bring this back for 2019.

Bless his heart, so now Trump revoked the White Hose press pass of CNN's Jim Acosta for asking a question Trump didn't like instead of just not calling on him ever again. What is next, revoking the press passes of everyone except people from Fox News, InfoWars and Breitbart?

BYH to those candidates who haven't pulled their campaign signs. Take them down!

Being a Pirate football fan is like pulling for the Chicago Cubs baseball team. The other teams seem to be getting better while we continue to fall behind. We need some trick plays or maybe hold practice out on the Brook Valley Shortcut.

Do the folk in Brook Valley not follow the Cubs these days?

Bless your heart to the generous souls of the eastern North Carolina. As you open your hearts and wallets to look after those less fortunate this season, please remember the seniors and disabled, who too often get overlooked. It's important to help needy kids celebrate the holidays, but please consider spreading the love to seniors and the disabled, too.

BYH to all of those who have worked tirelessly to make Uptown a safe, vibrant and exciting place. It’s a shame that one nightclub can wreak havoc on the entire area by allowing bad behavior to spill out onto streets. There is no excuse for this as the neighboring establishments are tired of the spillover fights and arguments. Enough is enough.

BYH and congratulations to my friends on the left, the Democrats seem to have won control of the House of Representatives. Congratulations to my friends on the right, the Republicans have expanded their numbers in the Senate. And congratulations to my Libertarian friends, divided government means our government will get nothing done for at least two more years.

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