BYH ECU Trustees. Of course you were not told about the lawsuit against Vidant. Harry Smith and Bill Roper control it...

Nov. 18 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, November 18, 2018

BYH, 100 years ago everyone owned a horse but only the rich owned a car. Now everyone has a car but only the rich own a horse. The stables have turned.

BYH to BrodyCo who makes our shopping areas so attractive.

BYH, Chancellor Staton. You get blamed for things that occurred in the athletics program before your arrival by fans who don’t know anything about ECU outside the football stadium. There are so many fantastic things going on in the academic and research areas with our faculty and students. People need to remember that ECU, like all universities, was established to educate young people and prepare them to go forward as successful contributors to society. 

BYH to the events coordinators of the benefit concert featuring the Avett Brothers. Greenville is back on the right track to once again become a destination for music as it was back in the days of The Attic located downtown. Tuesday night’s crowd showed how hungry this region is for good music.

BYH to the East Carolina Greek Life organizations. I live near campus and I can testify that the streets and sidewalks are much cleaner than they have ever been since the Sanitary Sundays have started. Please help save our Greek Life so we can keep our neighborhood clean.

This year for Christmas I will giving my friends and customers "Gold and Purple crying towels". Bless their hearts, they stood strong while the team lost almost every game!

BYH to those receiving FEMA help. What happened to homeowners and businesses being required to have insurance to cover disasters as such we have seen? FEMA temporary homes for displaced people is one thing, but to give funds to those who are required to cover their damages is wrong.

Where is Congressman Walter Jones? I have not seen him in several months and he was not present during Hurricane Florence?

Bless the myopic hearts of the Arlington Village shop owners who worry about their young ladies employed by them, and equate smokers to rapists. Geez, how did they make that leap?

BYH, I was imagining the 15,000 soldiers fighting the fire in California and what I saw was our southern border overrun. Secure the border.

BYH where is the caravan invading our country. I guess it is in the same place as the weapons of mass destruction. Fake news!

BYH to this President's supporters: if you cannot see the evil this man brings to the world, you are part of Cult45.

Ever noticed how many old men get remarried and then have a heart attack? Maybe it is time to hang up your shagging shoes and watch Jeopardy. Think about it. Youth has flown and there is no going back home. I think Tommy Wolfe said that.

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