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Nov. 21 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

With all the technology in cars nowadays, why can’t the manufacturers make it so that when your windshield wipers go on your lights also go on. Most people cannot seem to find both controls at the same time. It would cut down on accidents during bad storms.

The students have invested over $45 million in the ECU football program over the past three years through student athletic fees. That is about $11 million per AAC Conference win and student athletic fees are going up! Do the math. That is modern day higher "edumacation" for you.

No, I do not think they will come for the journalists. There seem to be more journalists than people to read the news. And it would be too expensive to feed the journalists and outfit them in last year's clothes.

BYH to all the organizations who beg for money or gifts this time of the year. You collect from honest hardworking people and give to the lazy and undeserving. We all need to take care of our own families. No exceptions. There is welfare and food stamps and all these give-me programs from the government. No more free handouts should be given. Merry Christmas.

BYH to Michael Avennati who is whining about being falsely accused, after falsely accusing Brett Kavanaugh. Bad feeling, ain't it Mike? BYH.

Why do you have me? All you do is put me outside every day in the cold, rain, whatever and leave me to “woof woof” all day. I am sorry, poor neighbors. I know it drives you crazy. Please call Animal Control for me and see if they will get me another home. This one has truly gone to the dogs. Thank you and bless your heart. Sincerely, Forgotten Woof Woof.

BYH to the person who has called people who support President Trump Cult45. You seem to think you can annoy us by childishly calling us names. Me, I just have a tee shirt made with the new name. Pretty soon I'll have to add a closet, but that's okay because my investments are booming and I can afford it. Cult45 indeed!

Suddenlink advertising: Please stop your ridiculous advertising: The cats meowing, someone moving and whatever. All three ran consecutively this past week. I would appreciate better service and leave that advertising off. Why advertise? Do we really have a better choice? Not at the present time. Please just give us better service and better prices! 

BYH, don't set up straw men and take the argument to absurd levels. We don't need to go into full on “socialism,” but we can start by ending corporate welfare/socialism and concentrating on providing for the general welfare, a real reduction in middle class working folks' taxes while increasing the taxes of those with executive bonuses and million-plus salaries. “To those who are given much, much shall be required.”

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