BYH to the city Public Works department for paying for an expensive public input session on sidewalks and not telling...

Nov. 29 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, November 29, 2018

No BYH to the writer who tried to blame ECU Board of Trustees Chair Kieran Shanahan for not releasing the chancellor’s 360 evaluation. It is Tom Shanahan, UNC System attorney who denied the release. Get your facts straight before you criticize someone.

Bless my impatient heart. There’s finally some movement with the action park! For decades I’ve wanted the 264 ponds to be put to use. They just sit there, fenced in, while I dream of the many uses. I sure hope they get it done before me or my kids are too old to enjoy it.

Bless the hearts of gun controllers who want to eliminate firearms as if they were heads of E. coli-infected lettuce. What needs eliminating is the amorality that leads to murderous sociopathy. But they want more of that contamination because it justifies expanding government control.

BYH to our uptown dealing with the problem bars that cause problems for our police on the weekends. The solution to helping rid this problem is simple. We need more residents living uptown. More residential living creates a sense of community that would push out these problem bars.

BYH to the music scene in Greenville. I can see myself in the spring, sitting on the lawn at the Town Common sipping on a cold one while the kids play, listening to The Avett Brothers at PirateFest.

A no BYH to those neighbors who still burn their stinking trash. I wish I could send my doctor/medicine bill to you so you know how much I spent just to try to stay well. And no mask can filter out that stinking smell!

Bless your heart, GM. I see where you are cutting 14,000 employees. You need to cut your advertising department. I don't know who your target market is, but I've never seen such foolishness. Guess I am correct — not enough people want to talk about trucks or find their Buicks.

Bless our hearts, the same individual who stood there in Detroit in the middle of a political campaign and promised jobs, jobs, jobs, is now confused and blaming the loss of 14,000 jobs on anybody else. When are you Trumpers going to realize that 45 is the worst ever.

BYH to the ECU football team. You played the hardest schedule of any team in the American Athletic Conference. Seven teams in the AAC won six or more games. You played all seven of them. Four of the conference teams other than ECU had losing records. You only got to play one of them.

BYH to the Greenville police. You tell us all about the crimes in our parking lots, and stores this time of the year. My question is — where are the police officers during this time? They are not patrolling the parking lots protecting us from these criminals at large. Marked police cars prevent a lot of crimes. Be seen and let us and the criminals know you are around!

The "t" in the word "often" is silent. Silent, do you hear? Silent!

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