BYH to the city Public Works department for paying for an expensive public input session on sidewalks and not telling...

Dec. 2 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, December 2, 2018

BYH to ECU for paying out over $2 million to send the athletic director and football coach packing after imposing new fees on students to subsidize a failing athletic program. Perhaps the Board of Trustees needs to be the next to go for wasting so much of the university's funds.

BYH, bring back Pat Dye!

Enough with this stupid spending on ECU football. Cut the program out and release the poor students from the burden of those excessive student athletic fees. Turn your attention to ECU as a place of learning.

Bless the heart of the writer who complained about more cyclists riding on the roads with safety sticks reminding people to share and pass carefully — as in not closer than four feet. I think that it is a great idea for them to be active, healthy, and above all else, safe. Sharing and passing them legally costs you nothing. Slow down, share the road with others and the life you save may be your own.

No BYH to the Westpointe Park vandals. A so-called under-served area finally gets something good for their community and this is how they thank the taxpayers. I propose area residents come up with the money to fix it, as well as the added security measures they apparently need. $50 per home should do it. I’ve spent enough.

A no BYH to those family members who think of only themselves and criticize other members of the family. Its the holiday season. We're suppose to get along and not be petty towards each other.

BYH, people who take money from the pharmaceutical industry should not be drafting health care legislation, just as people who take oil and gas money should not be drafting climate legislation.

BYH, enough with the hamburger joints, pizza places and sub shops, we here in Greenville need more places for home cooking, and put them on 10th Street near campus. Places that cook different food every day. Just ate at GK's Cafe; that's what I'm talking about, just great.

BYH BMX for the skate facility you presented to City Hall and I am hopeful this will happen. Follow-up will be required to make sure this happens. Believe me, how many ideas and approvals have happened in the past, and they have either been forgotten or never happened. Beware! Just because this seemed liked a great idea doesn’t mean it will happen. 

BYH Greenville for prioritizing protecting cars by adding more traffic delineators to reduce our ability to safety turn on roads but doing so little to protect lives of people walking and trying to cross roads safely. How about ensuring every intersection has crosswalks and sidewalks? How about making sure every school zone has speed bumps and enforced speed limits? Clearly car property is more worthy of our tax dollars than the lives and health of people, in your spending. Shame.

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