BYH to the city Public Works department for paying for an expensive public input session on sidewalks and not telling...

Dec. 3 Bless Your Heart


Monday, December 3, 2018

Bless the heart of the mayor and city council for working on the extreme action park. I have been apart of the group pushing for this park to finally come about and I never thought we would see the day for it to be this close. Thank you for not giving up on BMX and skateboarders.

BYH, Carter sold his peanut farm before he became president to avoid any possibilities of conflict of interest, yet Trump violates the emoluments clause of our Constitution with seeming impunity.

BYH and RIP to George Herbert Walker Bush. Read my lips, I wish the modern Republican party had your politics, it seems that they have lost their way.

One possible reason Alliance One chose to close their Farmville location and move those operations to their Wilson location: gas prices. How many businesses does Pitt County have to lose.

BYH to spending tax dollars on fancy lights and road posts instead of lowering speed limits, enforcing existing traffic laws and reducing distracted drivers from our roads. These poor drivers are dangerous to us all and should be paying for making our crash rates and insurance costs the highest in the state.

Bless your heart to a man who pees outside. Do Brook Valley homes come with bathrooms.

Since there is separation between church and state, we have never been nor should ever be a so-called Christian Nation and should respect all religious beliefs as well as none at all. BYH for saying we are a Christian Nation, like those before us who killed millions during the Crusades.

Bless your heart to the parents of new teenage drivers. They are our future, and you are responsible to show them how to drive properly. Seen a lot of crazy kids out there.

Bless your hearts competitive sports. Jesus came to earth, not to win, but to lose by his death on the cross so that everyone else may have victory of death. Rejoice and celebrate with the higher scoring teams and both teams will be victors, regardless of the scores. Firing coaches because they do not make losers out of opposing teams is human. Throwing the ball in the other team’s basket so they may win, is divine.

BYH to ECU. The whole school is in shambles. By the way, will people really go to Star Hill Farm to see the chancellor's house. What a joke.

BYH to all the charities that give out gifts this time of the year. ... Our older folks needs are greater than anyone else’s. The young forget our older folks and just push them to the side. Our older folks have feelings and would like a Merry Christmas also. Let us not forget them this holiday season.

Bless the heart of the ECU basketball team, my oh my, I thought we had something there for a while. I will give this to you, you still have more wins than Coach Mo this year!

A Saudi was killed by Saudi's at a Saudi embassy and you are up in arms that President Trump does't go to war. Four Americans were killed in Benghazi and Hillary and Obama, knowing they were under attack, didn't even send help. Can you say "hypocrite."