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Dec. 7 Bless Your Heart


Friday, December 7, 2018

BYH to the musicians in the Winterville Parade. You were awesome. You could see that dedication and enjoyment of playing in your eyes as you all were moving along. Keep playing with that dedication and you all are going to be going places. So glad the weather was in your favor this year! Ya'll brought a lot of smiles out!

What a wonderful thing for ECU to find $20 million lying around that could be used to shore up ECU athletics. The administration needs to cancel classes one day and put all the students out looking for another stash of money. Who knows? They may find billions! Ugh!

BYH — Downtown crime is up 50 percent this year compared to down 44 percent from 2012-17 according to our police chief. That new city council down at city hall can't shoot straight, but the criminals can and are.

Violent crime increased from 12 incidents in the district in 2017 to 18 so far in 2018, which is 50 percent, according to police.

BYH to the new sheriff in town. Paula, show them what you've got. Be a good listener and leader and run the department well. You have nothing to fear but fear itself. And you are a leader. Show everybody how good you are.

Gas prices this morning: $2.44 in Winterville; $2.07 in Washington; $2.06 in Charlotte. Price gouging or just greed?

No BYH to N.C. Republicans who rail on and on about voter fraud and using that as a reason to disenfranchise voters, but when they are busted stealing votes and elections, like in the 9th District, not a peep out of the corrupt hypocrites.

A BYH to those people who are becoming zombie phones. You need to spend less time on the phones and social media. It’s not good for your health!

Bless your heart to our government servants that we are paying to look after our interests. My Social Security is going up $20 per month (Yay!), but my Medicare is also going up $30 per month (Boo!).

Has capitalism ruined Hanukkah, too?

BYH to the writer who wrote “The poor folk in France ...” What the media isn't telling you is that it isn't about gas prices. It’s a revolt against globalism. That’s why they shout, “We want Trump!”

Bless his heart, Mr. Tariff Man. My retirement account is taking a beating because of his tweets. The world economy is tanking on those same fears. This is winning?

Bless your heart to those considering putting Silent Sam back up. Get some spine and put him right back where he belongs. And maybe add some high voltage cattle fence to protect him.

Am I ready for Christmas? As in, am I going to church on Christmas Eve, enjoying good food and quality time with friends and family and having a few days respite from work? Or, as in, I put my decorations up before Thanksgiving and will take them down on Christmas Day and have spent four times my monthly budget on gifts to try and buy my children's affection and impress the Joneses? Merry Christmas.

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