A BYH to the dry-rainy poster (“When it rains it pours”). You conflate LOCAL weather with GLOBAL warming. Please get to...

Dec. 15 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, December 15, 2018

BYH to the D.H. Conley Spirit Committee. You have made the Twelve Days of Christmas very merry and bright.

Bless the heart of the veteran who saw me struggling to carry 25 boxes into the Winterville Post Office for our soldiers and helped me get them inside and then gave me $100 for postage, the exact amount that I was short! Also bless the hearts of the postal workers who got all the boxes ready for shipment even after the post office was closed. Thank you!

BYH to the southern drainage in Pitt County. You are responsible for keeping our drainage ditches clean. Where are you? It has been three years for the Branch Road ditches. Remember! It needs to be done every other year.

BYH downtown fun. I'm not going downtown any more. Crime is way up and when innocent bystanders are getting hurt, that's it for me. I'm done.

Bless our hearts, Putin installed Trump in order to sow chaos in the western democratic world, and it has been working like a charm. Thanks, Trump voters.

BYH to the ill-informed individuals who still believe Russia/Putin determined the 2016 Presidential election. Grow up and face the facts. I know your chosen one didn’t win a fair election. The electoral votes were 306 Trump to 232 Clinton. 270 are needed to win. Facts are sometimes hard to understand, but the facts are the facts. Period!

To the person who got the "be an athletic supporter" double entendre. Would you prefer its corollary, "If you can't take part in a sport, be one anyway?”

A BYH to these teenagers who don’t respect their parents or anyone else. Take away all their electronics.

No BYH to families who every year rely on the kindness of the community for the free stuff. It doesn't matter if it's backpacks and school supplies or holiday meals, bicycles and presents. Do what my parents did — pull yourselves up, get rid of a few weekly luxuries, set aside some cash and have some pride knowing you didn't need another handout!

BYH to the person questioning “accidents.” I challenge Chief Holtzman to release data for the past five years showing what the cause of every accident is. Let’s see the facts!

Bless the hearts of all the elementary kids wanting to take part in enrichment programs, but the schools only have room for a handful. Sadly, the handful are always the same kids over and over.

Tell me more about the opioid crisis as the drug pushers go in and out of the courtroom like looters at a Best Buy.

Rumor is that next year the ECU Physicians will be calling the offensive plays for the Pirates. "Just protecting our investment," said Dr. Sawbones.

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