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Dec. 16 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, December 16, 2018

Thank you to the mayor for fixing the intersection at 10th Street and Evans Street and the installation of the new ADA-compliant sidewalks. I remember the negative person writing how you ruined the sidewalks so it's nice to see that you were actually fixing them.

Bless the heart to all this rain falling in Greenville, I would have thought we would have all drown by now based off the serious stormwater issues that the crazy liberals keep talking about. I'm still waiting on Greenville to be an oceanfront city due to the rising seas.

C’mon Will Bell, drop liquor at Town Common already. You even have the kiddie vote in revolt!

Please do not pass the alcohol ordinance at the Town Common. I don't want to fight off drunks while I'm watching my children at the new playground. What a childish idea and not well thought out if you ask me.

Bless the hearts of the middle class/working poor. You can scarcely afford to purchase toys for your kids for Christmas and it would really put you in a bind if you donated to charity, but, the "needy" children have a fantastic Christmas with lots of new toys all the while enjoying the government benefits that your hard earned tax dollars go to. At least you have your pride, right?

Bless the hearts of all of those that have to endure retail hell for a piddly paycheck. Your customer service and professionalism really shine while you stand there and endure the harassment and berating of your rude, ignorant, manipulative, and conniving customers.

Bless our hearts. The atmosphere on the Pitt County School buses is not child friendly nor kid appropriate. How very sad for our children. They get an education far beyond their years. The bus drivers cannot possibly drive the bus safely and at the same time, maintain control of the unruly passengers.

Bless your heart to the inept ECU management. They hired a new AD and a new football coach. Both were supposed to know what they were doing and be superstars in their field. My question is why do we now need a $32,000-per-month adviser for another year? He must be somebody’s friend, or have the goods on someone.

As a frequent donor to the University, I hate to see the negativity towards the athletic department and the academic institution. I listen to Pirate Radio, let me re-phase that, I listened to Pirate Radio, the former mayor, Troy, and Jonathan, all Alumni, continue to drag the university through the mud and demonstrate the worst of Pirate nation.

Bless his heart, Trump hires the most mobster like elements, and then when they turn on him, he says we cannot trust them because they are such liars. This is draining the swamp?

Talk to me, not about me, BYH.

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