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Dec. 29 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, December 29, 2018

Bless the heart of anyone who thinks we need even more market-rate rental housing in uptown. Where is the imagination? We must think bigger: minor league baseball, a new convention district, Millennial Campus, etc.

BYH to the City of Greenville’s arts and music scene in 2018. Let’s keep this train rolling by having more headliner concerts like Avett Brothers. I would love to see them play at our amphitheater on the Town Common.

Wow! After reading the article in the paper Friday morning, it reaffirms that Governor Cooper cannot close the deal with big businesses. The article states we needed to be more "attractive." I think that starts with a new governor.

BYH to the person that keeps blaming Governor Cooper. He has limited power. It was stripped by the N.C. GOP. Also what will of the people? This is a heavily gerrymandered state. The voice of the people matters little. The GOP wants a dictatorship, which they are close to having. Blame the N.C. GOP and the self interests that drive them.

BYH Dickinson Avenue restaurants and breweries for providing a place for adults to visit. Now this area is a cool place to eat and to drink a beer, starting to feel like a real downtown. Cannot wait to see what is up next for us adults to visit. Keep the cool venues coming.

BYH to sisters Miss Kay and Mrs. Gail who own and operate GK’s Restaurant on 10th Street. You both have the best attitude and your customer service is outstanding, not to mention some awesome cooking.

Bless the hearts of the children: We have been looking for a larger home, because we have outgrown ours and my granddaughter dreams of how her room with be (colors and decorations). She offered me her Birthday money and tooth fairy money to purchase a home! Bless her sweet heart! Gods gift.

BYH to Greenville’s city manager, Ann Wall. Almost a year and a half into the job and what has been accomplished? The public works director and fire chief are still employed despite an outcry from local development groups and families of the fire department employees. When will action be taken?

BYH to the two movie theatres in Greenville. Movies playing elsewhere ... Green Book, Ben is Back and On the Basis of Sex are still not here? What's up with that?

Nobody in Pitt County or Greenville stops for stop signs. I feel like I’m the only one. I even see cops who don’t stop.

BYH, when you want to pull yourself out of your humdrum thinking and exist in wonderment, just consider that between the Earth's rotation speed, its circumnavigation around the sun, and the very speed that our entire Milky Way galaxy is traveling, right this second we are moving hundreds of thousands of miles per hour through relative space. Hang on!

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