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Dec. 30 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, December 30, 2018

BYH to those leaf rakers and yard service people who so thoughtfully place their yard waste or waste containers illegally on the sidewalks. When you so kindly block access, you make it so some of us cannot get to church or the store. Some of us need an accessible environment.

Transferring $20 million to the ECU athletic department teaches our college students exactly what? That there is always someone to bail you out of any predicament? That money does buy happiness? That the students are smarter than the administration? That there really is a Santa Claus?

Bless your heart. Thank you for slowing down when I pulled out in front of you. I am thankful your brakes work well. I just wish your lights did. When you drive a steel gray car on an overcast, rainy day, you need to remember to turn on your headlights. Lights on cars are not always for the driver to see better. Sometimes they are so other drivers can see you better!

BYH to the person who cannot seem to understand the concept of the government furlough. It is an unrequested, unpaid leave of absence for 380,000 workers. The 420,000 essential workers are also unpaid, but required to work. This began Dec. 26. Don’t know about you, but each day of lost wages is a concern for most people.

Bless the heart of President Trump. You continue to represent the heart of America and do not cave to the Democrats who continue to use our security as a negotiating tool. Our security and freedom should never be compromised and I hope the American people see what the dirty Democrats are up to.

Bless the hearts of all the civic-minded audiophiles driving around Greenville. They provide hours of listening pleasure without charge and save wear and tear on my own equipment. I'm a bit concerned, though, about the thundering bass riff. It might become the cause of seismic events in the local geography. Perhaps a musical environmental impact statement may be appropriate.

Bless the heart of the person trying to stir up nonsense about the 500-foot rule that was put on the agenda. First of all, it was discussed by Kandie Smith who is leaving and no one requested for a club to be in a neighborhood. I wish you a much more informed 2019.

Bless the heart of the city for the transformation of the Dickinson Avenue area. This has made a monumental difference in the once blighted area and I am proud to drive my family visiting for the holiday through the district.

BYH to the Vidant SurgiCenter. My mom had surgery last Wednesday and everyone from the receptionist, nurses and doctors were amazing. The waiting room was comfortable and decorated for Christmas and the free coffee was a bonus! While any surgery is stressful, we were put at ease every step. Happy New Year!

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