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Jan. 1 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, January 1, 2019

What’s going on with the restaurants in Greenville here lately? Are the standards for the inspection getting higher or the restaurants getting dirtier? Seems that you can find restaurants in town 90 or below. Even went to one the other day that was 78. Of course, we turned around and walked back out. So, what’s going on?

BYH to our one and only cable internet company, perhaps the worst rated large business in N.C., per hundreds of online customer reviews. Frequent, substantial rate increases and add-on charges are an abuse of their monopoly status and will certainly discourage tech companies and many others from relocating here.

A New Year's bless your heart for the long-time employees of the Harris Teeter grocery store at 14th and Charles, in particular Vickey and the memory of Jeanette. The warmth of everyone at this location is refreshing! 

BYH to the lucky person in the turn lane darting in front of the gray Mercedes to get in the traveling lane. If you can’t see anything that big or that close, you need to see your opthamologist.

BYH to our representatives in Congress for standing behind the president. We spend billions of dollars overseas securing other people’s borders and we can’t spend five billion to secure our border from the drug traffickers and human traffickers and all else that comes across the border that costs us more than five billion dollars a year to take care of. I’d like to say “thank you.”

BYH, what we have witnessed is a hostile takeover of the Republican Party by Trump. They are now chained to him by the ankle. If he jumps off a cliff, he takes them with him. Let's just hope he doesn't take America with him.

BYH to Mayor Connelly for squashing the Imperial Warehouse project that could have brought business, art, young professional housing, and revitalization to downtown, with much of the cost paid by grants and business investment. Just because something is not your idea doesn't mean it's not a good one. What a waste of an opportunity!

Thank you to the Greenville police department for keeping our city safe during the holidays. I have seen several police cars in and out of our neighborhood while people are away from their homes.

I just read a book titled "The Road Less Traveled." I bought it because I thought it was a history of the Brook Valley Shortcut only to find that it is about living a commendable life that will make you prosperous enough to live on the shortcut.

Now the craze is all about not prescribing antibiotics. Fifty years ago the old doc stuck you in the rear end with a shot of penicillin and you were back on your feet within 24 hours. Now they want you to suffer, saying that antibiotics might kill you in another 50 years. I'll take my chances.

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