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Jan. 2 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, January 2, 2019

BYH to Judy Gidley, Farmville's chamber leader who retired Monday. She has done so much for the town and chamber in her five-year stint as its director working with other chamber leaders, as well as starting “Merchant of the Month.” I look forward to her weekly Chamber Chatter in the Farmville Enterprise. She always calls Farmville "a little piece of heaven" and she will be missed.

Who is the submitter taking shots at the Greenville city manager. She is doing a great job for our city and is a dramatic improvement from the last city manager. Sure there are personnel issues once in awhile, but every large company deals with this problem.

BYH, perhaps we should replace the term “religious right” with the term “alternative Christianity” because the ideology they espouse could not be any further from Christ's teachings. Read what He taught about judgment. Read what He taught about taxes. Read what he viewed about wealth attainment.

BYH to the one who just said that Trump represents "the heart of America." If that's true, then America has heart disease.

BYH Winterville, your roads and other infrastructure is in ruins and you want to spend millions of dollars on a greenway!? Somebody please run against these people on the council.

Bless your heart to LeBron James railing against the bosses. Just do not cash the multi-million dollar checks — that will show them who is boss

Bless your heart to ECU Athletics for not fixing the buzzer in Minges Coliseum. It sounds like clogged up garbage disposal. Please put that ECU Physicians money to good use.

Bless your heart to the Fed. Why is it up now with Trump but never went up with Obama? Just who is running or ruining things?

Bless your heart to our politicians in Washington. Why is it $5 billion for the wall is an issue, but the $22 trillion national debt is not? And absolutely no one in D.C. or the media seems to care.

To the DR: You ever think about printing a pro-Trump editorial? Don't print fake news like the rest of them. Stand alone!

Bless your heart, DR. It's a new year, so could we please get harder crossword puzzles? I'm trying to keep my brain alive, and you're not helping!

BYH to our uptown and the lack of a hotel or hotels. Most cities and college uptowns have a hotel or hotels to attract business people, tourists, prospective college families and alumni. Hotels have conference centers with restaurants that can serve diverse groups of all sizes. This is a no-brainer. Let’s go for it!

Bless our hearts. I wonder if we'd have such bitter differences among people if love and kindness were the bottom line of everyone's words and actions. Here's to a more loving and kind world!

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