BYH: To the city of Greenville. You spend dollars promoting uptown Greenville to draw many in. Now you want to drive...

Jan. 5 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, January 5, 2019

What is going on with Rep. Walter Jones? He hasn't voted in several months and missed the first day of Congress. Will he be able to represent us in the east this session or is it time to find someone capable of serving? Rep. Jones has been a great servant for eastern N.C. but it sounds like he needs to focus on his health.

Bless our hearts, why do we feel that Americans need to be everywhere in the world at all times? People, how hard is it to understand — stay out of places like North Korea and Russia. Now Putin nabbed a random American in order to trade him for the Russian spy we arrested last year. There are many beautiful places in the world. Just stay out of the dangerous ones.

BYH, it is laughable that a country with Citizens United, super PACs and superdelegates thinks that Facebook ads from Russia have ruined this democracy.

With some 10 agencies mostly dormant since Dec. 22, that means 800,000 government employees around the U.S. face carrying on with their lives without a paycheck. More than half of them are still required to show up to work. No, bless their hearts, they are not getting a paid vacation.

A sarcastic BYH to the one who wrote that God chose Trump to head our nation. Under that logic, I guess God also chose Mussolini. The BYH also said he is exposing corruption. Close. Trump is the corruption. You would do well to read Christ's teachings on hoarding wealth, starting with “you cannot serve God and mammon.”

As of Jan. 3, 2019, gas in Wayne County (Pikeville) is $1.47 per gallon. I repeat, $1.47 per gallon, and $2.22 here in Armpitt County, 75 cents less per gallon! Yet The Reflector continues to sit on its thumbs. Tell us, Reflector, does the local oil cartel really have you that much over a barrel?

Prices are routinely higher in Greenville than surrounding communities in part because demand for fuel here is higher — at least that's what the cartel tells us. One thing we all can do to drive prices down is use less gas.

Bless our hearts, Pitt County. The new district attorney just let the last prosecutors in North Carolina to win a death penalty case walk out the door. Let’s hope and pray there’s no violent crime on his watch.

BYH state police. Would you please add your presence onto I-40 and U.S. 264 and all highways in N.C.? Because too many drivers appear either illiterate or to assume the speed limit is merely a recommendation.

Greenville is my hometown and I'm proud to go to Raleigh and tell people I live in our city. Many times they respond with, “Greenville has changed so much and it is such a beautiful city.”

BYH to those who are so angry at the world. The world won't change until you change

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