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Jan. 7 Bless Your Heart


Monday, January 7, 2019

Thank you to the city for cleaning out the ditch behind my house on Laughinghouse Drive. This has been in need for many years and I am thankful you have decided to clean it out to work on the stormwater.

BYH to Mr. Pittman. Thank you for your service to Pitt County and trying to make a difference in your community.

A big BYH to the new Pitt County DA. It seems to me that you fail to understand that your job is to prosecute criminals and law breakers and not design a social experiment that is destined to make Pitt County less safe.

BYH to those who support Trump who is shutting down the government. Remember if you want your refund from the IRS you will not get it. Also if you have travel plans, the TSA folks are already calling in as off due to no pay. Think about it, he has tried to hold our country hostage for a wall when more border patrol would work.

BYH, the wall is between Trump and his supporters; he doesn't want them to see what he is doing to Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid. It's a wall of distraction. He doesn't want them to see what he is doing to dismantle clean air and water legislation.

BYH to us. I can remember a time when a member of Congress, of any party, would have been censured if they had said such vile things about any sitting president. So sad that now it is accepted and in fact members seem to be proud of saying horrible things about a duly elected sitting president.

Bless his heart, when Paul Ryan, whose life mission has been doing away with Social Security, turns 50, he will be able to collect annually $85,000 for the rest of his life from a pension funded by the same taxpayers whose Social Security he's been trying to cut.

What is the deal with loud and offensive music in retail stores in Pitt County. It is distracting and even painful to some with sensitive hearing. Already don’t shop at Kirkland’s because of it. Guess Marshalls is now on my list.

It's time for those managing Uptown Greenville to plan for the future. How about a nice apartment complex for those of us who are permanent, older residents who enjoy the Uptown scene? Hotels, a small market and a few more shops would be nice.

Bless your heart for explaining that the high gas prices in Pitt county are due to the his demand. How do you explain the lower gas prices in Wake and Johnston county? Demand in those counties likely far exceeds the demand in Pitt. Bottom line for high gas prices is greed driven by the desire of the oil companies to exploit the students at ECU and PCC. Let's call it like we see it.

So a neighborhood of single family homes is being demolished so more unneeded student housing can be built. Guess where the families will relocate? To the old student housing that is not new and shiny.

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