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Jan. 9 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Bless your heart to a total stranger who, last Saturday for no good reason, insisted I get ahead of him at the grocery checkout, and then once my bill was totaled, insisted on paying for my groceries. Such a generous gesture, I promise to pay it forward, again and again. I'm still in shock.

Bless your heart to the submitter who warned that ECU could move to New Bern like Wake Forest moved to Winston-Salem. There is a big difference between a private university and a public one. I don’t think a rich alumnus can move a public university.

BYH to Monday's entry about loud, even sometimes vulgar, music in stores. We are bombarded with loud "junk" everywhere all the time. Can't even pump my gas without being hit in the face with ads and loud talking. Can't we just enjoy a little quiet time to think? Or at least, calming music. Take a lesson from Fresh Market — thank you!

Trump is worried about security, but do he and his followers realize that now while flying there are less Transportation Security Administration folks due to call out so they can make money for their families. Don't buy into his hype about a wall. There is much more security being lost due to this worry about a wall and leaving folks without a livelihood. Think about it.

Read your Bible. Jericho had walls.

BYH to former President Jimmy Carter, who said that the U.S. is “an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery.”

BYH, ECU, if you want a "game changer," instead of spending $177 million of taxpayers' funds on student activity centers, why not invest it in improving the education you are supposed to be providing them? Or spend some of it and make 10th Street safe to walk and cross instead of forcing students to run a gambit with their lives to get to your new playroom?

BYH — one way to reduce crime in Sterling Pointe and return the property values is to remove the Section 8 status.

Bless the hearts of the tree cleaning people coming through on 14th Street at Heritage Village. Now fix the fences and please invite the beautification group to come through and clean up the trash.

The Brook Valley shortcut is beautiful because of the lack of curb and gutter. The lack of curbs gives the development a relaxing feel. Curb & gutter is a scam put in place by contractors to raise the cost of residential development. And curb and gutter has increased stormwater runoff.

After watching the Alabama-Clemson football game I'm thinking that $20 million transfer to ECU athletics needs to be increased to $200 million. Those guys might be a tad bigger than our guys and it will take a massive training table to grow us up to that size.

BYH to Lincoln, who said that no external enemy will ever defeat us. It will be ourselves.

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