Bless the heart of the county commissioners, I think we all will come knocking on your doors when we receive our new...

Jan. 10 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, January 10, 2019

I have heard so much about the Brook Valley shortcut that I want to travel to Greenville to see it. Is there a tourist map of the shortcut available and is there a Starbucks along the route?

Does anyone else find it eye opening that we have 800,000 employees who are not considered essential? This might be the greatest shutdown in U.S. history — talk about waste and abuse.

BYH, there are numerous instances of presidents going on television to calm a frightened public; this is the first time a president went on television to frighten a calm public.

Bless my heart, I was watching President Trump on TV and you can clearly see that he cares about the American people.

Bless the hearts of the Farmville commissioners who are willing to vote in an emergency session to buy a new roof for a private day care center with $25,000 of our taxpayer money. A business seems to be able to neglect maintenance, upkeep, and insurance and expect the Farmville Nanny State to but them a new roof. So if I don't change my truck's oil and the engine dies, will Farmville buy me a new truck?

These new electric-powered LimeBikes are a great, cheap and fun way to get around campus and Greenville — even if the city does not technically permit them. Why can other cities get benefits that we can't get, Mr. PJ Mayor, BYH? Seattle Limers get free bike helmets and most other cities get electric scooters, too. Is NCSU cooler than ECU so they get to scoot around? Raleigh cooler than Greenville?

BYH to the ECU professor who does not know the difference between a lectern and a podium. This person who claims to have a doctorate degree and be educated stands behind a lectern while standing on the floor and mistakenly calls it a podium. Students continue to correct the teacher, but you can't teach an old dog new tricks or proper English.

Bless your heart, yes I would like to see ECU move to New Bern. They are in as big of a mess as Vidant.

Bless your heart to the dad at the Chicod girls basketball games who hollers at the girls on the team, distracting them as well as those who are watching the game. They have a coach. The girls are learning; they are not pros. Let us all enjoy the games, please.

I support Staton! He got us the $20 million transfer for athletics and realizes the importance of ECU football. Arrrgh!

I understand that ECU put out bids to the campus beverage companies. The Atlanta-based company won. My opinion is that Minges gym should have been exempt from the bid, considering how much the local family has supported our university. Anyone agree?

BYH. Count your blessings.

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