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Jan. 13 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, January 13, 2019

A no BYH to those fast food restaurants that can't seem to get their act together and have a high sanitation rating. You need to follow the rules by washing hands, wearing gloves and hair nets and whatever else is needed. You may not care, but the customers do!

BYH to Henry Hinton for always putting party over common sense.

Bless my heart, I had to Google "Terpsichorean."

BYH — Where is the Southern Drainage Department here in Pitt County? Have you forgot that you have ditches to clean? Have you retired? Have you gone on vacation? You must have because it has been three years or more since you cleaned the ditch on Charlie Branch Drive in Winterville. Please come back off your break and do your job.

BYH to The Reflector. Please expand your staff so you can update Scene Around more than a couple of times a month. It really advertises the social events going on around town.

What happened to not working on our stormwater system? Everywhere I turn there is a story about a new stormwater project starting in Greenville. I guess the next major issue will be the lack of interest in the bridge to nowhere.

It would be nice if the Democrat politicians put the American people first for a change. Bless our hearts.

BYH to people blaming the Democrats for not being willing to negotiate. What do you think Mitch McConnell is doing? He is a blight on politics.

Trump said the border situation was a "crisis of the heart, a crisis of the soul." It is a crisis of the gut because it makes me want to throw up.

BYH to all the lawyers in Pitt County with their big, expensive commercials raking in big bucks for their clients. How about giving the hard-working people who deliver your food orders a decent tip? Stop being cheapskates.

No BYH to the incorrect information about the Farmville Board of Commissioners. While a funding request was made by the HB Sugg Community Center for assistance in replacing their roof, no vote was taken by the board to allocate any funds for this project. How about learning the facts before shooting your mouth off in BYH with bad information?

BYH Winterville, the grounds maintenance at the Winterville Cemetery is an embarrassment to all of Pitt County. If you have loved ones buried there, good luck finding their ground-level marker.

Yes, Raleigh is cooler than Greenville. I am a Greenville native and read BYH everyday. I've been living in Raleigh for over 20 years. Greenville doesn't have as high taxes. But Raleigh just has a whole lot more — good and bad. LimeBikes and scooters are a nuisance to some around here. That said, Greenville is a lot slower pace. Some people like it that way. Don't try to be Raleigh. Just be yourself.

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