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Jan. 17 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, January 17, 2019

A sincere bless your heart to Carol Folt. You made a gutsy move in your last few days as chancellor of UNC and you are being punished for it. No doubt about it. ECU, you can have Harry Smith back. He is wreaking havoc on the UNC system.

Open the government, then we will negotiate. Yeah, we've heard that one before. Bless your heart, Trump. Hang tough and now ask for 10 billion for a more complete job.

BYH, exactly who is contracted to build this wall? Follow the money.

BYH, Northerners. We were traveling through New York. At a $5 toll booth the attendant told us that the previous car had paid our toll. My thoughts: (1) How nice of that person and (2) The attendant could have pocketed the $5 and we would have paid our toll. Kindness and honesty are still out there.

Bless the heart of all the talk of the pedestrian bridge over the Tar River. We have gained worldwide attention and soon Jeremy Wade of the TV show, "River Monsters," is going to come to Greenville to do a show on us. He said, "I'm not sure if there are any big fish near Greenville but there are obviously monsters on the City Council."

BYH Greenville, we already have to wait six or seven light cycles at Charles Boulevard and Fire Tower and you want to add more high density housing on Fire Tower.

Bless your heart to so many motorists continuing the "death wish" fad of running dark. I see a large percentage of drivers flying along with no lights on in darkness and heavy rain at night. I'm glad you can see, but we can't see you. I hope the Greenville Police Department is addressing these fools, but I've seen no evidence thus far. 

BYH, I just think it’s so unfair for taxpayers to still pay the salaries of political office holders who can no longer function, much less do the jobs for which they are elected. Their families keep collecting the salary when the politician is incapable of representing their constituents.

Bless your heart to the repeated delays in opening the multimillion dollar 10th Street Connector project. It seems that everything in Greenville and ECU takes longer than promised and is often done wrong. At least we still have our Brook Valley shortcut and South Hall wall adding to our car congestion.

One day ECU is whining about budget cuts and the next day is spending money like a trophy wife. Make up your mind.

You people need to calm down. It is the job of any public university chancellor to cry about a lack of funding from the taxpayer. It is just how it is. Nothing serious and certainly nothing to get upset about. Whining is in the job description. Relax. Lighten up. Send money.

BYH to the Greenville Police for your efforts in "Operation Ground Work". Unfortunately, the DA and court system will complete the job with "Operation Turn 'Em Loose".

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