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Jan. 22 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, January 22, 2019

When will the 10th Street connector open? It seems like this project has been dragging on far beyond the scope of the work. I hope the state will put some pressure on the contractor to complete this project so we can utilize the gateway.

BYH to our growing uptown, specifically the Dickinson Avenue area. Parents and grandparents would like to see more venues like GoScience. Also, we need more merchants such as a candy shop, ice cream shop or bakery that makes cupcakes and cookies.

Jon Gilbert, you should meet with the fans that are not hand picked by your ECU bosses and ask them what they really think. BYH, you are going to hear the good, bad and ugly. The current ECU administration does not understand the fans, the region or the culture.

Bless your heart to the honest young man who, after taking out our mail box and paper box in the middle of the night, came back the next day with an apology and a new mailbox and post. No BYH to The DR for wanting to charge $10 to replace the paper box, when we have been customers for 23 years.

BYH, offering someone something temporary for something permanent isn't a proposal, it's a con. Offering someone something you took away isn't a proposal, it's blackmail. Using people as bargaining chips isn't a strategy, it's extortion.

The wall between the U.S. and Mexico was started and paid for decades ago and already continues to expand. We all having been paying for it and border agents with our taxes without complaints. Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama have all supported its development. BYH for making it an issue now

With all the controversy over Silent Sam, we must remember George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and others considered our founding fathers enslaved Africans, yet we glorify them with statues and name cities after them. Is there some hypocrisy there? Maybe it's time to revisit how we "honor" our founding fathers.

BYH, for some reason we as a country have disincentivized the family unit, through increasing benefits to unwed mothers. I'm not saying quit taking care of our citizens, just give more incentive for the man to be involved in a marriage way, rather than the other way around.

BYH John Paul II High School — $10 million for athletic facilities and you are not part of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association. I don’t get it!

We need minor league baseball in Greenville. Spring is coming and I am dreading that long drive down to Kinston with the kids. Let's get the Greenville River Cats here!

Bless our hearts. There is a lot of cheerfulness during the Christmas holidays. Why can’t we be cheerful, not just for Christmas. We are all the same to the One who matters the most. Let’s try to make 2019 a better year.

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