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Jan. 29 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, January 29, 2019

BYH Winterville, build that greenway. Don't let the haters stop you. You have every right to build an attractive greenway that benefits your citizens’ health and community.

BYH to countries like Bali that have had successful "Bye Bye to Plastic" campaigns that have banned single-use plastic bags. Bless our hearts for continuing to give them out freely and polluting our roads, environment, water supply and oceans with them. There is a lot we can learn from others and become better stewards of our shared world.

Bless it, the Republican Party is an opposition party, not a governing party. It could only support the wall as a way of opposing and blocking Democrats. It had all of government for two years and could only agree on, not a wall, but on a tax cut, and they got that by ramming it through without discussion.

Bless your heart to the entire Democratic Party for not giving a hoot about the safety and security of this country and its borders. They keep saying “we care, we care” but they do nothing about it. For the sake of my two grandsons I hope the Dems wake up some day.

Other than cancelling my cellphone service is there any relief from telemarketers? Is there no peace to be had? Is this it? Is this what we have become? I would rather the National Security Agency eavesdrop on my banal conversations than to have that incessant telemarketer ringing time and time again. Job, I now understand.

I take great umbrage at the person who thinks that all Yankees living here are blight on the South. I’ve been here for a year and a half and I have done everything in my power to shed my Northern nuances. I did not move here to ruin your day.

BYH to the small-minded person(s) against so-called Yankees. Greenville is becoming quite the melting pot and I think it's great. This Southern boy enjoys a little variety in life.

Don't forget that this is ECU basketball. Yes, we have a new coach and yes, we have more enthusiasm but that does not change the fact that this is ECU basketball. The shadow of the ACC and the curse of Minges will not be broken by mere faith alone. Cook your chicken well done to break the curse.

Just got another report of a lost cat on the neighborhood email program. I'm beginning to think we have a cat burglar on the loose. Lock up the cats and do not dare let them outside.

BYH, a Cherokee elder told his grandson that there are two wolves fighting within each of us. One wolf is evil, full of anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, lies, false pride and ego. The other is filled with joy, love, peace, hope, serenity kindness, generosity, truth, compassion and faith. Which wolf will win, the boy asked. The one we feed, he answered.

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