BYH: To the city of Greenville. You spend dollars promoting uptown Greenville to draw many in. Now you want to drive...

Jan. 31 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, January 31, 2019

BYH to the Pitt County Clerk's office. Sara Beth and Jackie went out of their way to help us when we recently had a guardian appointed for my son, who is autistic. They made the process easy and quick.

To the barrier deniers: Bless your hearts for knowing better than every border patrol agent ever asked about the need for a wall.

Bless our hearts, our treasury will borrow another $1 trillion for the second straight year to pay for Trump's tax cuts for billionaires and corporations.

BYH, who are these 37 percent that still support this guy?

BYH, they are bringing back our federal government for a limited time, like it's the McRib sandwich.

Bless all our hearts, who pays the medical bills for innocent victims who are harmed by criminals when they have no insurance — for example, man shot in a robbery!

Nature abhors a vacuum and the city council abhors the Town Common as an open space. Paving over paradise makes nice musical lyrics but may not be all that great in real life. How about leaving it as a green space? You do realize that would be cheaper on the taxpayer?

I believe the current thinking in the ECU ivory tower is that unless the football team starts winning again we will never fill up all these new student digs. Do you really think all these students come to ECU for college football? If that were the case wouldn't they be going to Alabama or Clemson?

We used to have some great Super Bowl parties! Pizza, wings, chips and bacon-wrapped-chicken livers. And plenty of booze. But we and our guests have aged out. Now most of us are in bed at 7 p.m. But we check out the box score when we get up at 3 a.m. Ah, the joys of old age.

BYH WCTI news. Why would the opening of a Sports Clip be newsworthy, complete with a reporter on the scene? Let me know when Greenville gets a Trader Joe's or a Macy's, won't you? Now that would be newsworthy and something to celebrate!

Yes, free health care for everyone! It's the right thing to do. If we learned anything about the government shutdown, many people are one paycheck away from financial disaster. Pile on a major health issue and it's catastrophic. Why not cover everyone? Lots of other countries do it and their standard of living is higher than ours.

Bless your heart, DR, for the front page headline about a "strategic" planning session by county government. I assume this is one where, when all is said and done, that more was said than done.

I just saw a campaign bumper sticker: "Any functioning adult: 2020." Well, at least that would mean change.

BYH for bringing back the Scene Around photos.

Lucille Gorham was one of the most beautiful souls to ever exist on this planet.

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