BYH: To the city of Greenville. You spend dollars promoting uptown Greenville to draw many in. Now you want to drive...

Feb. 2 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, February 2, 2019


Bless the hearts of the dysfunctional administrators at ECU. We have to tune in every day to hear the drama du jour. The last spat over who selects and who receives an award takes the cake.

It's sad when the ABC store decides to leave Grifton because of a $150 rent increase. ABC Board, do a little belt tightening and marketing to promote the store before abandoning town.

BYH to our bad kitties. A recent bank statement showed the cable company wrote themselves an additional generous check from my account for data overages and late penalties, via an hour-plus on hold with customer service. Having been on vacation part of the previous month, the cats must have been watching Show Cats 24/7. Bad kitties.

BYH to the writer who defended Trump because our 401(k)s went up after the big tax break for the rich. Well, guess what? 401(k) values are now down again. Mine, which is based on a wide, diverse base of stocks is back to the values that I had  eight years ago. The big flash-in-the-pan gains were assuming great expectations and investments by the rich. Guess what? That did not happen. I bet my losses are typical.

BYH for all my liberal friends. If your taxes go up 25-30 percent, will you still be all in for medical for all?

We need minor league baseball in Greenville. Greenville Greenies has a good ring to it and we can have trees in front of every seat for all the tree huggers in town. I can see it now, "vegan dogs, get your vegan dogs!"

We got the Guv on our side in the Virginia Tech football controversy. I want him on my side at the country club. The good golfers will never play with me because I am so bad. Sock it to 'em, Guv. Let me play with the big boys!

Pardon me (sir or madam and Reflector editors), Bali is not a country. It is a province of the country of Indonesia.

Good catch. The DR always appreciates a good geography lesson.

Bless the new district attorney's heart for getting rid of night court! Some of us working folks appreciated the chance to deal with traffic tickets before a court date, but I guess helping your defense attorney buddies make money is more important.

No BYH to the Daddy Daughter Dance at Rock Springs Center. I have just read in the paper where they have an open bar. Why in the world would you have an open bar at a Daddy Daughter Dance? That is not teaching your daughter anything, to be drinking in her company. They need to reconsider this.

To answer Thursday’s BYH-er, I am among the 37 percent who still support this guy 100 percent against Hillary Rodham.

How sorry to hear of Walter Jones’ illnesses. May a miracle come to him and restore our very conscientious, honest local congressman. God bless!

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