BYH: To the city of Greenville. You spend dollars promoting uptown Greenville to draw many in. Now you want to drive...

Feb. 4 Bless Your Heart


Monday, February 4, 2019

Bless your heart, Phil Law. How can you know what you would do if you were Representative Jones? Until you have been in his situation, you will never know. Prayers for Walter B. Jones and his family. This from a democrat.

BYH, not, to all these liberal politicians who want to extend abortion rights until a baby is full term. There has to be a special place in hell for anyone who would support this infanticide. Your soul is lost.

BYH, imagine if trees gave off a wi-fi signal. We'd be planting so many trees, and we'd probably save the planet, too. Too bad they only give off the oxygen that we breathe.

BYH and God Bless our new State Theatre. It's open, no more having to drive to Raleigh just to see a national act. Support live music. You should try to make it to at least one show per month. You won't regret it!

BYH. If you voted for Trump because "he's not a politician" then I hope your next colonoscopy is done by a plumber.

Who keeps submitting the minor league baseball submissions? I agree with you on bringing a team here, or we should recruit the team from Kinston.

BYH to the Reflector for not digging deeper into the economic development merger breakdown in talks with the city and county. You just don’t understand how much of a big deal this could be for our region if the merger can happen. Have one reporter research how many companies have been successfully recruited to land in the county-city in the past 15 years. Trust me, their research period will be the shortest one ever.

BYH to the parents who bring their undisciplined children to bars and let them run around unsupervised. It’s a bar, not a playground. Hire a babysitter if you’re so inclined to go out to adult establishments.

BYH to the supervisor who is complaining about staying after 5. That really is a change from slipping out before 5 every other day.

BYH, city and county planners. Wouldn’t it make good sense to post “no left turn” signs at businesses, especially gas stations, at major intersections. Sure would reduce unnecessary accidents. Just saying.

BYH to the district attorney’s office. I am a victim and I came in to talk to someone about the status of my case. I was able to speak to someone in person and get my questions answered. I appreciate that an ADA and his assistant took a few minutes to sit down with me. Great job to the new DA and his staff.

If you can drink whiskey at the daddy-daughter dance, then we should be able to take a nip on the Town Common. Drinking still is not as bad as smoking that dope.

Putin has been saying for the past 12 years that the intermediate range missile treaty is unfair to Russia. Trump has now given him an easy out, rather than pressing for negotiations. So, once again, who does he really serve?

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