Bless all of our hearts. When did we all lose ourselves and become hateful, angry, argumentative people with no respect...

Feb. 16 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, February 16, 2019


BYH on Valentine’s Day and everyday! Have a heart! ADOPTION stands for “Adore me,” “Dear I love you,” “Open your heart,” “Play with me,” Take time with me,” “Include me in your family” “Open your heart’s door and let me in” and “Nice to me.” Dogs and cats have a heart. They need love, care and a good home. Adopt a dog or cat.

BYH to the Democrats who are proposing to penalize us law-abiding citizens by imposing on us to carry firearm liability insurance. I'm sure the criminals will adhere to this just like auto insurance. Where do these politicians come from?

Go Trump! You are doing what you said you would do. The Dems — playing politics instead of protecting Americans. Thank you, Obama, for helping Trump to outplay Pelosi and leftists.

BYH, Mr. Mayor. Growth may indeed hurt sometimes, but growth is not always good. Cancerous growth can clog a functioning system and kill the entire body. Prudent growth is what is needed, not growth for growth's sake. Let's manage the congestion we have before committing to more induced demand growth and higher percentages of future budgets for maintenance costs.

BYH to the New York City Council for failing Economics 101 by thumbing your nose to Amazon. You would not offer $3 billion in incentives for a return on investment of 27 billion and 25,000 new jobs? Come to uptown Greenville!

BYH to our political leaders who fail to see the real national emergency — a style of living and spending that has us already with 22 trillion dollars of debt. Declare that an emergency because it really is.

Bless your heart. This Bengal European cat of mine graciously spoke to every individual in my house as prayer guests one day and then she nodded to me and spoke to me and said, after she had spoken to everyone individually, then it’s time for me to go to my room and rest. What a sweet cat she is and she is 15 years old. Take care. With love.

Move the Jones-Lee house to the north side of the river. Then build a walkbridge over the Tar River from the Town Common. Next complain about stormwater runoff flooding north of the river. Working together we can create problems and then our whining will solve them.

Or maybe move the Jones-Lee house to the Brook Valley Parkway. Create a sort of Williamsburg for tourism with souvenir shops and an outdoor drama theater for failed politicians.

I recently read that ECU transferred $20 million to prop up the ailing athletic department. How deep is their money pit? Could they perhaps transfer some funds to lower the price of those ridiculously expensive college textbooks?

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