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Feb. 19 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Bless Wellcome Middle School's heart. They are the best kept secret in the county. Great things are happening there and the vibe you get when you walk in the building is like going to Grandma's for Sunday lunch. Keep up the good work!

BYH to The Daily Reflector for an excellent article on Walter Jones Jr. in Sunday’s paper. North Carolina really lost a good friend.

BYH, Winterville. Sad, sad! It will take more than a greenway to help you. Apparently city folks can’t keep what you already have clean and maintained. Gumballs are covering the roads and sidewalks plus a lot of the roads either have potholes or are closed off. Don”t forget the front door of the post office about to fall off and lobby unclean. Pitt County commissioners, are you in the know?

BYH to our family. A surprise birthday party was given to one of our family members. She was totally overwhelmed. It is always so good getting together on happy occasions. Here’s a big shout out to all who put this event together! Everything was so beautiful. To the toastmaster: You did a very good job.

I bought some Girl Scout cookies and now wonder if they were fake. Can they call themselves Girl Scouts now? The chocolate thin mints sure were good but it gave me indigestion trying to figure out if girls can be in the Girl Scouts.

I’ve always wondered how you screen your BYH messages and print them.

We receive dozens of submissions every day so we can't print all of them. We try to pick ones that offer opposing views. We typically throw out long ones to leave room for ones that are clever and concise, but often the luck of the draw decides. We don't allow responses to opinion page items because that's why we have letters to the editor.

Bless your heart. Andrew Sullivan wrote a eulogy for Walter Jones in New York Magazine towards the end of yesterday's column. It’s at http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/02/andrew-sullivan-new-hope-and-new-danger-on-the-left.html.

It is very interesting that outrage over actions of the KKK lead to its basic demise, but black gangs kill each other every day and no one seems to be doing anything to stop those tragedies or even slow them down!

BYH — the proposed county contribution to the proposed public-private economic development partnership is 44 percent — not 90 percent and, secondly, all of us — whether we live in a municipality or not — pay county taxes.

When the president is Republican, a Republican senator holds a ceremonial office.

The world is in the situation that it is in because we want it our way. We want to blame someone else. We want to take things and make it turn out our way.  It will cause us to miss the best things.

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