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Feb. 20 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Bless your heart, Mother Nature, for all the daffodils, tulips and robins appearing to let us know spring is just around the corner!

Bless your heart, Tom Coulson and Beth Ward. Thank you for recognizing the city's power grab on economic development and putting an end to it.

Calvin Mercer, I hope you run for mayor. This city needs visionary leadership. Please reconsider. Bless your heart.

BYH to the late Congressman Walter Jones. I will never forget your charge up French Fries Hill.

I admire the Girl Scouts for selling their cookies to raise money, especially after all the negative comments about scouting. Seems to me some are trying to harm scouting through their political machinations. Why not leave scouting alone as it has only served to help all people since scouting's inception?

BYH, Pitt County Schools. What is the purpose of the Zero Tolerance Policy on bullying? Bullying continues in full force at all schools. Administators: Do something! Kids need help.

BYH to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and all the other strong women of color in Congress. We need more like you. People are only mad at you because you are right!

BYH, President Trump. More people should support our president than talking him down. Don't you think Nancy Pelosi is more than enough for him to have to deal with?

OK, enough is enough. If you don't realize by now that Trump is a fool, the problem is you! BYH.

BYH to those that fail to understand how to use credit cards properly. If you don't pay the balance at the end of each month, you are making a mistake. The credit card company is charging you to spend your own money.

BYH, talk about a rip off. Price of gas at noon yesterday at one station $2.27, at another one $2.39. What’s wrong with this picture, Greenville? Let’s do something about it. 

Bless your heart to the Pitt County judges for helping violent offenders. The bonds were so high that they could not get out, but now you’ve solved that problem. They can now go back to their old lives and offend again

Bless your hearts, ECU administrators and trustees. Seems you have a champagne taste for athletics, but are stuck with a beer budget for them. Time to put down the bubbly and dedicate your resources to building a first-rate academic institution that can help build our region of the state. That is your mission after all — if you choose to accept it.

From what I understand the person who screens the bless your heart submissions does not last long. After reading all our tripe they go into counseling or become counselors.

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