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Feb. 21 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, February 21, 2019

BYH to the ECU School of Theatre and Dance. No need to travel to Raleigh to see professional-level live theater. We've got amazing talent right here in Greenville at the ECU Loessin Playhouse. Kudos to all involved. Always an excellent performance!

A BYH for all the staff at the Vidant Cancer Center here in Greenville where I’ve been going for chemotherapy lately. Even the valet parking and the greeters — and the nurses and all and the doctors — they are all super nice and wonderful people. God bless them all!

No BYH to the person who called Trump a “fool.” I think you are the fool and people like you are the problem. He will win again in 2020.

BYH, “the people” did not “elect” Trump. The people elected “not Hillary.” “Not Hillary” is not on the ballot next time. This autocrat is in trouble.

Thank you to the new commissioners for supporting the new economic development partnership. We made the right decision this time and we'll be sure to vote out the others in 2020.

Bless your heart to people living on Frog Level Road whose mail and package deliveries either never arrive, get delivered to their neighbor, are lying on the ground near their mailbox or are sitting on the steps next to their covered porch in the rain and getting ruined.

I was taking the Brook Valley Shortcut when I spied an old wooden desk next to the road. So I picked it up and took it home. I refinished the old desk and it looks like a real antique. We have it in the living room and when friends come over we tell them it was given to us by a Brook Valley friend. We have arrived I think. 

The tree huggers are pushing the select-a-size paper towels. What a joke! Give me the big-boy size any day. In the real world you are so upset over the bite-size select-a-size that you actually use more than if you had the big size!  

To the person blessing Mother Nature for the signs of spring (daffodils and robins): Do not forget the pollen. I saw yellow-rimmed puddles this morning.

BYH to the state tourism department for limiting our children's future by shortening their education by prohibiting schools from starting earlier. Let us give our kids more schooling and brighter careers by less time making profits for your beach houses and businesses.

BYH, do you know who could have really used $8 billion in national emergency money? Flint. Puerto Rico. Paradise.

Every time one of my inane BYH contributions is printed, I send the BYH editor a dozen hot doughnuts and a $50 gift card. Hope you are getting them as I leave them with the pretty girls by the front desk.

Bring them to the pretty girls in the newsroom next time, please.

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