BYH to the city Public Works department for paying for an expensive public input session on sidewalks and not telling...

Feb. 22 Bless Your Heart


Friday, February 22, 2019

The editors of Bless Your Heart are giving themselves a big bless your heart for printing a submission on Wednesday about Levi Smith. We have it on good authority that he is fine person and is not a bully. We don’t allow comments like that against private citizens. It should have never been printed and we apologize to Levi Smith and his family for any hardship or trouble it caused.

BYH to the worker bees at ECU who just keep working hard for the students and our region while all the politics swirl around them.

BYH to my doctor's office for playing 70's music. Time went by much faster listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd's Simple Man and other classics

BYH, what's happening with the preservation of the Jones-Lee house? Please don't let Greenville lose any more wonderful old structures that add character to our city. I hear a lot of people who want it saved but don't know how to help. City leaders, can you give guidance?

BYH to those who think "we" want the city to save the Jones-Lee House. We just want the city to stick to their prior agreement to let a private citizen move it onto a tiny sliver of city property beside the Fleming House!

Why do some keep forgetting that Hillary actually did win the popular vote in 2016 by 2,864,974? What really needs to be investigated is how our electoral college process is so mucked up.

When the president is Republican, a Republican senator holds a ceremonial office. What the heck is that supposed to mean?

To the person calling out the tourism industry yesterday. Know your facts. The tourism industry is not cutting the school-year short. They are keeping our summers, providing 225,000 North Carolinians with jobs and giving high schoolers another career opportunity.

BYH to Dr. Murphy and the others in our General Assembly. We need expansion of Medicaid (as other states have done) given it is our tax money. Carolina Cares is a joke so maybe we don't need a doctor in the House.

BYH get the government out of the health insurance business! In 2008 my insurance was $466 per month with the best possible plan with lowest deductible. In 2011 when the government took over, the cost was $1,000 per month with the deductible five times higher. Now its over $1,200 per month. Now you want free for everyone? How much more will that cost in reality? Nothing's free!

BYH Pitt County Commissioners Beth Ward and Tom Colson. My high school basketball coach told us “teams win games, guys, not individuals.” The city, county, private sector and surrounding cities were trying to make up a team. The county cannot succeed on its own — this has been proven over the past 15 years. It’s not too late to join the team.

Just because the media and celebrities say something over and over does not make it true. Border security should be enforced. Our country should not have to support people that come here illegally, which is a drain on our schools and health system. Respecting our flag should be an honor to all Americans. Sharing these views does not make Donald Trump a racist. He is trying to make the country better for all Americans.

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