BYH to the city Public Works department for paying for an expensive public input session on sidewalks and not telling...

March 5 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Now that you have beer at Pirate games, I can take my money somewhere else. I always had a good time as a fan without!

BYH, I still see vehicle bumper stickers with Obama's name, but those vehicles have not been vandalized. So the courtesy should be reciprocated for vehicle owners with Trump bumper stickers.

Bless the heart of the slate of Republican candidates who have announced their candidacy for the congressional seat of Walter Jones. I have not seen a single candidate that I can get behind for this cycle.

As Kierkegaard said,  “There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” According to the Monday Washington Post, as of Sunday Trump has made 9,014 false or misleading claims.

BYH to the person counting lies. If that is all you do, be sure to count the lies of all politicians. Guarantee most have and will tell more lies than Trump.

BYH Rep. Greg Murphy for taking care of doctors and hospitals. Your Carolina Care is a disguised expansion of Medicaid. You are like most elected reps. You love those federal dollars. That isn’t common sense or conservative.

Bless the hearts of the naysayers who think the development community has run amok. We developers have more strict guidelines, which is fine, but now we actually have a voice to discuss our issues with the city staff. This was never an option with the previous councils and staff.

Bless my heart, Clinton made me want to be faithful, Bush made me want to be smarter, Obama made me want to be better but Trump makes me want to be Canadian.

Bless President Trump for putting up with these liberals who spend more time attacking him than actually balancing the budget for the American people.

It is not the downtown bars that are the problem in Greenville! It is stormwater runoff. People are living in fear of being swept away by stormwater runoff so they resort to drinking at the bars. The constant stress of waiting for the water to rise is just too much for normal people. It is all this rain!

The National Butterfly Center in Texas is under threat. It will be almost fully cleared to construct President Trump’s border wall. “Bye, bye,” butterflies!

Bless my heart, I'm realizing 60 must be the new 45, driving on the four-lane portion of Fire Tower at 45-50 m.p.h. I'm getting passed like I'm sitting still, but never see a police car.

Mayor Connelly, bring us summer baseball! Use your baseball connections to bring us a team for the summer months so our children have great entertainment.

BYH, God is love. Love is the only thing that the more you give it away, the more you have.

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