BYH to the city Public Works department for paying for an expensive public input session on sidewalks and not telling...

March 6 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Bless the hearts of the two gentlemen from Luke's Paving who stopped to help me and my husband with our flat tire yesterday! We were totally unprepared — didn't even have the right lug wrench — but their kind gesture turned a frustrating experience into one that had us admiring the silver lining, the kindness of our community.

Registration to equal access to the public roads? BYH, if those bikes need to be registered like the cars, I think that we should require all shoes to be licensed and registered, too! If people wish to walk in public areas, they need a license, registration and proof of insurance. Tax the toes, you heels.

BYH to the recent article on downtown nightclubs. My wife and I have really been enjoying the new rooftop bar at Stillife since opening. We have never witnessed any fights or arguments while enjoying drinks with friends. This is the only establishment in downtown Greenville that offers an urban atmosphere.

BYH, have you noticed that the same people who don't want to help refugees because we have our own poor also don't want to help our own poor?

Bless our hearts, the administration proposes to severely limit which waters of the U.S. are covered by the Clean Water Act, lifting federal protection from more than half of U.S. wetlands and 18 percent of streams.

Bless the hearts of the far leftwing Democrats who have hijacked the Democratic party. If this is the new path for Democrats, this country is in serious trouble.

Medicare for all would reduce waiting times in the doctor's office because the low reimbursement rates in Medicare means the doctor spends about 60 seconds with you. Under Medicare you do not even get a "How are you feeling?"

Bless your heart, I don't have to like your opinions and you don't have to like mine.

Oh bless our hearts! When was the last time our president had a summit with a dictator and returned to have our National Security Advisor declare positively he “gave nothing away"? This is our current standard, that our president "gave nothing away?” Please, people, we can do better than this. Let's try harder in 2020.

Bless the heart of all the Republicans running for Walter Jones’ seat. Many of you have no experience or very little experience in an elected position. The reason we all supported Congressman Jones for so long is due to his steady hands and experience in the position. We do not need some new, fresh face that is unproven.

Bless our hearts, should we have a new cabinet post — Secretary of Explaining When the President is Telling a Joke?

Gosh darn, Yogi Berra! If you see beer in left field, take it! And, it ain’t over until the beer man sings. Bless your heart, ECU baseball.

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