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March 8 Bless Your Heart


Friday, March 8, 2019

BYH to Drs. Leonard, Newell, Brown, Castillo and, especially, to Dr. Quinn for their competent and compassionate care during my recent stay at Vidant — also, to the nursing staff on 3 West.

BYH to the amazing counselors and the principal, Ms. Cox, for the tour of C.M. Eppes Middle School. There are great things happening at C.M. Eppes! #theplacetobeCME

Thank you to the BYH that said Trump makes them want to be Canadian. Please take the rest of your friends with you. Just remember to have the correct documents in order, no guns or ammo, a good lawyer, plenty of money and an appointment when you hit their guarded border.

I need help from the BYH readers. I am being inundated with sales calls and especially one labeled “medical supplies.” I've blocked 31 calls from them just this year and yet they continue to get new numbers. Yes, I have answered several calls and declined their offers, but they continue to call, usually three times a day. Help!

BYH to the writer who states that Cohen is going to jail because of Trump. Really?  How do you account for the eight counts of tax evasion and tax fraud from 2012 to 2016 long before the Trump saga. Research and learn.

Bless its heart, the Republican Party began with Honest Abe and is ending with Dishonest Don.

BYH to those who want to ban cellphones while driving. Great idea, but just like the no-texting law, there are not enough officers on the streets to enforce it.

BYH, Democrats want us to line the insurance companies’ pockets by mandating firearm insurance. Republicans want us to line the politicians’ pockets by mandating bicycle registration. I'm running out of choices on who would represent me.

I agree that we need a Socialist Revolution, but I fear Bernie is too old to lead us there.

Thank you to the city staff and City Council for protecting our city from the crime we are seeing in many of these larger metropolitan cities. I selected Greenville to raise my family because I value a city that offers a quality family lifestyle.

So the governor, bless his heart, wants to launch a $3.9 billion bond for public schools. What happens to all the money that comes from the lottery? How does one get an accounting of the lottery income or does it all just go into the State "slush fund" never to be properly accounted for?

My cable bill mysteriously went up again this month. I reckon it is just the way it is. The preacher told me that some things in life must be accepted because the cable company way is not our way.

Bless your heart, Gayle King! What an awesome interview you did with R. Kelly. It was truly remarkable!

Be kind. It costs nothing to be kind.

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