BYH to the city Public Works department for paying for an expensive public input session on sidewalks and not telling...

March 9 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, March 9, 2019

BYH, be careful not to follow the masses. Sometimes the M is silent.

BYH, I'd rather hug a tree than frack a farm any day.

Bless your heart American citizens. How can any rational person support the debacle we call the U.S. congress?

BYH to Lime Bikes, y'all got my money but now I cannot seem to find any more of those fun bikes all around town anymore. Where did they all go? How do I get my money back if all of the Lime Bikes have been stolen? We still have scooter envy, too.

Bless your heart I cannot seem to be able to find child-sized podiums anywhere! We're going to need two of them now that the District 3 race will be between Allen Thomas and Greg Murphy!

BYH to those that hate self checkouts. I love them. I no longer have to deal with annoying teenagers and college kids, I can bag how I want, and they always give correct change.

BYH Michael Cohen critics. You have forgotten the old saying that it takes a crook to catch a crook.

Bless you heart to the horrible man in a red truck that passed an older person in a no passing zone, in the middle turning lane, and proceeded to fly in a 45. Bless your sweet impatient heart.

Thank you to Public Works Director Kevin Mulligan for finally being the first director in our town that gets that we need sidewalks on both sides of the road because people do not only wish to walk safely in just one direction. Finally someone who understands what quality of life means. Now let's git 'er done and build all of those missing sidewalks!

The construction truck and trailer that was parked all day in the alley in Farmville deserves a special blessing of the driver's heart. Not only was your parking illegal, it blocked food deliveries and cost us customers and business. Please learn how to read No Parking signs and leave your truck elsewhere.

Bless your heart to the city or DOT or whoever is putting the no left turn median at Wimbledon and Arlington. There was a sign up that said no left turns starting in February but now it’s March and no progress. Plenty of wrecks though.

BYH to the brick pathway designers on 5th by Memorial. Is this a crosswalk or not?? It seems that it is like Tempe, AZ's brick path that was not a crosswalk but used as one until someone was killed and the city held liable. This may look nice but is a hazard and encourages more dangerous jaywalking to the park there. Please fix this and make it a real crosswalk.

A bless your heart to the retired state employee who wants Medicaid vs BCBS/Medicare because “it’s free.” I can only pray that your tongue was in your cheek when you typed that.

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