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March 12 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, March 12, 2019

BYH, Sidewalk Joe. Spending $2 million in tax money for double sidewalks when the road infrastructure in Greenville will loosen one’s teeth makes no sense. That 100 people (more likely 10) can’t walk on one side of the road is ridiculous. Paint a stripe down the middle of the walk to prevent collisions if you must. Walking with or against the car traffic does not apply with a sidewalk!

BYH those with telemarketer woes. If you have a land line, try *77. This works on phone systems through your internet or cable provider. *77 will cut down on most, but not all, such calls. Also just ignore any call from an area code you don't recognize.

Bless the heart to the 26 candidates who filed to fill the office of Congressman Walter Jones. I guess this is 20 years in the making and I'm glad we will see the number dwindle down quickly when the voters send a clear message.

To the person who commented about the need for needing "child-sized" podiums for two of our District 3 Congressional candidates I would simply say that if you were trying to be humorous you failed miserably. That was one of the most rude and irrelevant remarks I've read in this column. I, too, am short (5' 6") but obviously have much more class than you will ever hope to have. Hopefully you "measure" people on much more than their height. 

BYH to the Democrat National Committee for excluding FOX news from the upcoming Democrat presidential debates. They might ask questions on how the Democrats plan to convert our republic to a socialistic society.

Bless your heart Winterville leaders. Drive down Stillwaterdrive and then tell me we need a greenway! Street collapsing and the water drains under the street are full! Give us a break!

BYH whoever has been trying forever to sell the old seats from the Dean Dome. Maybe nobody wants them? I'm about to buy them for kindling at a Pirate tailgate party this fall.

What a blessing it is to still have Mayor Connelly in office. I was afraid he might join the candidates fighting for Congressman Jones's office.

BYH, after the first baby is born on Mars, birth certificates will have to start listing “planet of birth.”

BYH the Jones-Lee House wants to be moved beside its sister the Fleming House on Greene Street. And those in charge won't explain clearly why this isn't happening. What's going on?

Last week I attended the state of the district and was blown away from all the new and exciting events happening in our center city. There were many new concerts and entertainment venues that are suppose to be even larger this year! Greenville is on the rise folks!

BYH, you are born with the keys of heaven within you; your job is to find the doors.

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