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March 14 Bless Your Heart


Thursday, March 14, 2019

Bless your heart, "Texas Pete" hot sauce. You changed the lid design. My wife screwed off the cap in the usual manner and poured one-fourth of a bottle on our shrimp and grits. Hey! We're transplanted Pennsylvanians, not Cajuns! Next time you make these seismic changes, take out a full page ad in The DR and give us fair warning!

I read where the sheriff got a $36,000 raise. Should the criminals be scared? Or the taxpayers?

Bless your heart to the person comparing their measly raise working at Vidant Medical Center to that of Paula Dance's raise. Paula Dance deserves a big raise. After all, she is the top cop for law enforcement in Pitt County!

Can the traffic engineers be so blind not to see how many vehicles cut through the Burlington parking lot and around the closed bank to avoid the lack of proper traffic lanes on Thomas Langston Road?

BYH to anyone who can lose weight and keep it off. Why is it so hard and nothing seems to work long term?

Wow! For the first time ever I was delighted to witness a man on a bicycle on Arlington between Memorial and Dickinson. My excitement was cut short when he proceeded to run the red light at Dickinson, bless his heart.

Boo hiss to Suddenlink. I'm paying them over $300 per month for my business internet and phone and I get a solicitation from them in the mail today offering the same services, with higher internet speeds, for $119.95. We need competition here.

Bless your hearts, community colleges, you are looking like a much better choice each and every day!

BYH, the City of Greenville is simultaneously saving money and cutting down on speeders at the same time by not fixing our roads!

After having been on Medicare now for 12 months, I can guarantee you the "Medicare for All" ain't gonna solve all our health problems. Money may not buy happiness, but it will bring a smile to a doctor whereas Medicare only buys you a blank stare.

BYH, now that we found out that a property Trump bought for $9 million was used in a bank loan application and listed at $293 million for the purposes of obtaining the loan, every loan application Trump ever signed should be gone over with a fine-tooth comb — that is, if fraud is still illegal.

Bless my heart, I was walking down the street and noticed the new signage near city hall to show that Greene Street is a one-way street. I have seen so many accidents on this road and this is a major help. Thank you!

BYH to the grandparent afraid of showing needles on TV. Tell me again — who is the snowflake generation?

BYH, each day is a loan. Spend it wisely.

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