BYH to people who bash teachers. You literally would not last one class period at my school. I get cussed at, chairs...

March 15 Bless Your Heart


Friday, March 15, 2019

Relax! I think the $36,000 raise for the sheriff came from that $20 million transfer ECU made to athletics. From what I understand there is a direct correlation between a winning football program and a high-paid sheriff. In the words of Eric Clapton, "I fought the law and the law won."

Bless the hearts of our government. No idea if it's state, county or city, but someone really messed up regarding the 14th Street Connector. It's been five-plus years and the joke continues. How long will it take to finish? The Transcontinental Railroad took six years to complete — if that will give you any perspective of efficiency.

Show me an employee worth more than minimum wage and I'll show an employee who’s paid more than minimum wage. Show me an employee paid more than minimum wage who’s not worth more than minimum wage and I will show you someone that will soon be unemployed.

Imagine living in today's world, where one has ready access to limitless information and technology, and believing that vaccines are dangerous. If you are one of those people — why?

One more time for those who don’t get it: Socialism does not work. It never has, it never will. All it does is eventually cause starvation, misery and death. Socialism only benefits the power-hungry. Read your history, look at Cuba and Venezuela.

BYH, weight loss. Forget fad diets. Follow regimen for GERD digestive disorder sufferers: no fried, fatty or greasy foods. Fish, chicken, turkey. Occasional ground lean beef. Leafy green veggies. Plenty of water. Non-citric probiotic liquids. Walk one-half hour four to five times per week. It worked for me. Minus three pounds monthly x 30 months = 90 pounds lost. Don’t backslide!

Bless your heart to the legislators who want to ban cellphones while driving and the person who wants to bolt the warning signs to the speed limit signs. That way people can disregard them both at the same time.                                       

For 40 years I have worked and the government has taken my hard-earned money from my check to pay for Medicare and Social Security. No choice, just took it. Now someone thinks it's a government, socialist hand out. Ha! No, I will collect because it was bought and paid for. Just like the annuities I purchased, which, by the way, have a much better return on my investment.

BYH, do not do something permanently stupid just because you are temporarily upset.

What a blessing it is to see the city working to offer amenities to the citizens with little to no investment. Who would have thought they could provide a new bus route for citizens to ride to the Alice Keene Center or create 50 additional parking spaces in the downtown for little or no cost to the taxpayers! These gentlemen and ladies are keepers, folks.

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