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March 16 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, March 16, 2019

Bless my heart, I don't like Pepsi and I don't like Texas Pete. Does that make me a traitor to North Carolina?

If vaccines are so safe, why does the CDC require parents to sign nondisclosure agreements when they accept monetary compensation for a proven negative reaction to the vaccine? That is why you never hear of any cases of the negative effects of vaccines on some people. Not saying all vaccines are bad, but I also don't think the government should pull the wool over our eyes.

Bless your heart for the 10th Street Connector. When complete it will likely appear in the Guinness Book of World Records in several categories: 1) Longest time to build a one-mile road; 2) Most asphalt used on a public road: at least 24 inches in a half-mile section at Memorial Drive and 3) Most excuses by road builder for construction delays. 

BYH to the city for still putting in brick crosswalks at 10th and Evans even after the DOT recommend not to, due to failure concerns. The brick crosswalk at Fifth and Memorial has already started to fail.

BYH to a local department store. Why don't you have customers? The answer is because your associates have no inkling what customer service is. I was shopping and needed help — no associate in sight. A worker came to the area and never asked if I needed assistance even though I was standing there looking confused.

BYH to the Greenville City Council, which keeps meeting in a small conference room in the afternoon to do business. Do your business in the open, please.

"Affordable housing" is a catchphrase for "free housing." Don't you reckon housing costs what it costs? Of course under socialism we will all live in the same size and style government-owned apartments. The lion will lie down with the lamb and government cheese will be a delicacy.

Bless your heart to Ms. Ortega, my favorite Democrat. She is likely the only honest politician in Washington. She calls them like she sees them. Get ‘em girl! Keep up the good work!

Bless your heart to the person who feels Sheriff Dance deserves a big raise. A 33 percent raise at one time? What is she giving you? This is crazy. The last five sheriffs never got that kind of raise. Dance is not entitled to this kind of raise. I don't care who thinks she deserves it — top cop or not.

Bless my heart, I just gave myself a $1,200 per year raise by cutting off satellite TV. I can watch a handful of local channels free and pay $12 per month for ad-free older shows. Have more time to read, too!

The ECU Board of Trustees will remain in turmoil until the football team gets back to winning. That $20 million transfer was a start, but the transfer needs to repeated for another five years. Winning football cures all ills.

BYH, don't believe everything you think.

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