Judge not lest ye be judged" is a foundation of faith. However, I have never met anyone who did not judge. Is it even...

March 17 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, March 17, 2019

BYH to all patients. So, I'm standing in the check-in line at my doctor's office today and the music playing on the office sound system is "Another One Bites the Dust." Not very confidence inspiring, docs! Gotta love it.

BYH, it was Bob Fuller, not Eric Clapton, who fought the law, and the law won. Get your songs straight if you are going to quote them in the BYH section.

Yes, "I Fought the Law" is a song written by Sonny Curtis of the Crickets and popularized by a cover by the Bobby Fuller Four, which went on to become a top-ten hit for the band in 1966 and was also recorded by the Clash in 1979. (Wikipedia)

Better get out your cameras. The daffodils are at their peak on Jack Jones and Old Tar Roads.

Bless your heart, Carl Sagan likened our atmosphere as eggshell thin, too thin to be spewing toxins constantly into it. If your car could drive straight up, outer space is only one hour's drive away.

If the gubmint can set wages why not set prices of goods? Once the government controls everything in our lives we will find happiness — happiness according to their definition of happiness of course.

BYH to the Pitt County government — 33 percent raise for the sheriff, how about a 33 percent decrease on my county taxes! I am more afraid of the county government, than I am a robber on the street. I get robbed more by the county, and more hardship is placed on me and my family by them.

BYH, Tillis, so let me get this straight: It’s okay to declare a national emergency on every whim if you have an (R) beside your name, but anyone with a (D) will be prevented. Got it.

BYH to the guy from Maryland with an afternoon radio show about eastern North Carolina who thinks Beulaville is pronounced “Bull-la-villa.”

BYH, nearly 40 years of trickle down has turned millionaires into billionaires and turned the working class into the working poor!

Bless our hearts. Trump finally said something I agree with: he supports getting rid of Daylight Saving Time. Huzzah!

BYH, Voltaire. If the absurdities of the socialist candidates are to be believed and their followers yield to their divisiveness regarding race and income levels, etc., we could, indeed, see atrocities committed in efforts to achieve their goals!

BYH to all the beer companies and ABC stores. We claim we do not want drunk drivers, but we open more alcohol serving places. You cannot have both. One must go.

This BYH goes out to the readers who replied to my cry for help in last Sunday's paper. I am taking your advice about the robocalls (and other aggravations) starting today. Thank you!

Bless your heart. Don't believe everything you think.

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