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March 20 Bless Your Heart


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Bless your heart to the kind, honest person who found my gold bracelet at Harris Teeter and turned it in to their office. Thanks to the Harris Teeter office staff, too.

Bless your heart, Whirligig Stage! While in town visiting friends, we stopped into Whirligig and enjoyed a surprise treat of comedy. Support your local arts by visiting this fun live performance venue on Pitt Street!

BYH to our eat local restaurants. We love to eat at several of them. A couple of the more popular need to pay attention to the details. Walk up to the front door as a customer would and look at the hundreds of cigarette butts in the cracks. Look inside at worn out tabletops and walls that need painting. 

BYH Chancellor Staton. It just wasn't a good fit from the start. We needed a chancellor, not a politician.

BYH to everyone who thinks Harry Smith should resign.

Bless my heart, I drove down Dickinson Avenue this weekend and noticed a large plot of land that was open near the new overpass. This looks like a nice place for a baseball stadium, don't you think, Mayor Connelly?

Years ago I asked a coach why they didn't recruit local high school athletes. The answer was that they didn't want to deal with the local momma and daddy.

BYH to "Mussolini." The Nazis were National Socialists. Democrats took over the health insurance business and want to control every business in America, all the way down to how much we pay employees and to what we think and say and destroy people for disagreeing. My friend, that sounds like fascism!

BYH, Thom Tillis. You told the Washington Post you would vote in favor of the resolution and then voted against it. Trump's comment about those running for re-election must have felt like a threat to you. Sad that you lost your courage at the last minute. You also lost my vote for 2020.

It is the older generations who are much more respectable than the younger generation. You will find more young people who are rude and disrespectful to teachers and other authorities. Just look at the 'jail bird' list of rude and disrespected young generation who have no respect and have broken all kinds of laws!!

BYH to one of Greenville's talk radio stations. Don't you think there is room for two opinions in Greenville, especially when it comes to ECU? Whether expressions about ECU administration or athletics, stop with the conspiracy theories. Everyone does not think you are the one and only "expert" in town. And, please, the name dropping — just stop.

BYH, we are given a ladder to climb as high as we wish with the knowledge that the potential fall is equidistant to the height we climb.

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