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March 22 Bless Your Heart


Friday, March 22, 2019

Bless your heart to the old people who don’t believe in climate change. Thanks for leaving a dying world to those of us who aren’t already near our death beds.

Bless your heart to the state legislature for your allowing college IDs for voter identification. Likely 99 percent of all college students have a driver's license. College IDs are issued for all students. This does not mean that all students are citizens and allowed to vote legally.

What a shame that ECU's reputation has been so continuously dragged through the mud by its association with underhanded, dishonorable machinations. Chancellor Staton worked hard to elevate ECU and has served with distinction. The last few years of petty politics have besmirched ECU unnecessarily.

No BYH to the recent BYH conflating Mussolini (fascism) with Nazi-ism. The warning signs of fascism are powerful and continuing nationalism, identifying enemies as a unifying cause, wanting to control mass media, corporate power protected, obsession with national security, disdain for human rights, religion and government intertwined and rampant cronyism and corruption. It's already here, folks.

I still cannot believe the fools at the county gave the new sheriff, let me emphasize new, a 33 percent increase in her salary. Then again, these are the same people that don't want to join the rest of the county to partner for economic development. Drain the swamp, people.

BYH, renewable energy is homeland security.

BYH to the local lady who was wearing the "Free Parking is Theft" shirt. I understand you prefer to walk and don't own a car, but our government prefers cars and supports our usage by using tax dollars to pay for our parking at no charge. Greenville leaders even paid for a parking garage with both of our taxes in support of my car over your feet. Sorry that your sneakers do not get government subsidies like my wheels do.

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang has come out against circumcision. The Democrats are for a woman's right to choose an abortion and now are getting involved in man's right to cosmetic surgery. Enough already.

My wife, a lifelong Republican, said to me this morning, "just when you think our president can't go any lower, he does." I'm dismayed too — criticizing a war hero and senator who has passed on. It just doesn't make sense. Bless our hearts.

Bless our hearts, ECU basketball season fades away just like ECU football season faded away, but wait a minute!  There's ECU baseball season — hope!

BYH, be thankful for the problems you don't have.

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