Judge not lest ye be judged" is a foundation of faith. However, I have never met anyone who did not judge. Is it even...

March 23 Bless Your Heart


Saturday, March 23, 2019

BYH to Catherine and Cecil Staton who were perfect for this community and worked tirelessly for our students and eastern North Carolina. Shame on Harry Smith and Pirate Radio for tormenting them for more than two years. We know who is responsible for this tragedy.

Affordable housing comes about as we build more and more apartments. The new apartments fill up fast and the old apartments drop their prices to attract tenants. If you have enough new apartments then you will have affordable housing without ever having to have a meeting to discuss it. It just happens without the coffee and doughnuts and doublespeak.

BYH to those who like to complain about the minor delays in the 10th Street Connector project. Construction was begun in October 2015, with completion projected for November, 2018. Updates published in The Daily Reflector informed us that there were delays due to hurricanes and relocation of utilities, pushing completion to somewhere between late spring and early summer 2019. Delays of a few months are not unusual in a project of this magnitude and hardly a "boondoggle" (someone's favorite word).

BYH to the ECU Student Center architects. Looking at the picture in the DR, the facade topper looks like a tethered airplane wing. To Flo, I’d think that structure would’ve looked like a tasty morsel. Hope the engineering review of high wind speed forces wasn’t done on a Monday morning.

Maybe if the dumps weren’t so picky about items they accept, there wouldn’t be so much illegal dumping.

If you have an issue with the sheriff's salary, then you really don't want to know how much ECU and Vidant pay their suits to walk around and drink coffee.

BYH to the person who thinks the young’uns in the "jail bird" are disrespectful, despicable people. You, too, have broken the law, however minor your offense may have been. You just haven't been caught and broadcast online. Being a law-abiding citizen doesn't make you a good person, just as making a mistake and breaking the law doesn't make you a bad person. Never seen the younger generation yell at a poor waitress because their food wasn't cooked to their liking. Just saying.

Delusional is the only word that comes to mind when I see a gun-toting political candidate. Only if this was 1776 would I be concerned about them not letting me keep my musket.

I have missed going to NASCAR races but have found that traveling down Fire Tower Road gives you the same experience. It is breathtaking to see the cars speed by and weave in and out of traffic like daredevils. If only they would put big letters on them with advertising.

BYH, we are all born ignorant, but we must work hard to remain stupid.

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