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March 24 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, March 24, 2019

BYH to the people trying to end the corruption on the UNC Board of Governors.

Bless the heart of the mayor for his presence at events. I attended the TowneBank ribbon cutting ceremony and it was refreshing to have a mayor that has the demeanor of a business person and caries himself in an appropriate manner.

Bless the heart of Allen Thomas, I wonder if Hillary will be endorsing you this election cycle or if she is too busy wishing she was the president!

BYH Mr Obama. I miss having a president that spoke in complete sentences.

I asked an ECU student what he thought of the departing chancellor. He said he enjoyed all the craft beers but they were a little too expensive for his taste.

BYH, I've been hearing everybody talking about how unethical and immoral Trump's comments have been of late. Well, hell, that's just politics! What worries me is that they are completely irrational. That's a problem. Do you really trust the nuclear trigger to a mentality like that?

Bless our hearts. New Zealand bans automatic weapons one week after a mass shooting. Nothing is done in the U.S. after numerous shootings. They must value life more than us.

Thank you to the city for cleaning up the streets in the community. It has made a lasting impression of our community and it's nice to see the drastic improvement we have seen in such a short time frame. Now if we could get these county commissioners to finally do something.

BYH to taxpayers. ECU is just as swampy as Washington, D.C. Cronies look after their own with huge salaries while the faculty and staff suffer low salaries and do all the work. The vice chancellors and associate vice chancellors are way overpaid for what they actually do.

Thank you to the mayor for always posting about our city and keeping us citizens in tune on his social media.

BYH, when there is a school shooting, the Republicans say we should arm all the teachers. Now that there has been a Mosque shooting, they are going to advocate arming all the Muslims, right?

BYH — Is there not anyone in the UNC system — a vice chancellor, dean, department chair — who is qualified to become ECU’s next chancellor? Why not promote from within?

BYH, if you surrender to hate, you have already lost.

Good grief! Paul Ryan was a bust as house speaker, now Fox news needs him on the board of directors? That doesn't make any sense. Or does it?

Bless the little ole heart of Vidant CEO Waldrum. Let Folwell do his job. Instead, why not reduce your salary, stop paying lobbyists to dupe taxpayers and legislators and really get serious about reducing hospital costs?

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