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March 25 Bless Your Heart


Monday, March 25, 2019

BYH to those who drink alcoholic beverages. It is a shame we are not a dry county here in Pitt County. No drunks, no car deaths, No DWIs, no ABC Stores. Would that not be a peaceful thought?

BYH to Calvin Mercer for encouraging a local hire for Chancellor and focusing more monies toward student scholarships and such! Having had to work two jobs to make it through school and living penny to penny, I sure like this concept! Extreme salaries shouldn't happen at a university.

A no BYH to a friend who unfriended someone for no reason whatsoever. That person has not offended or posted anything offensive. You're trying to make that person look guilty but they haven't done anything! Get over it!

A BYH to those who get offended easily at anything on news, Facebook, etc. Everyone needs to unplug from the iPhone and TV. Read a book and calm down!

BYH Williamston shopper who broke the inner seal of a large box of Quaker Oats, glued the top on and returned it to the store. It was restocked. I bought it and trashed it rather than returning it and being thought of as an unethical shopper. God bless.

I could care less about the Electoral College. Their record in football is worse than ECU's. Why would any student take out a student loan to go to the Electoral College?

Bless your heart to the chancellor who came in with a checkered past and way-overpaid salary, who focused on sports and did nothing to increase pay of ECU faculty and staff. Problem is, given the fools in charge, worse may be coming.

Bless your heart to the reader who does not believe that the 10 Street Connector is a "boondoggle". I agree, I think a better term may be fiasco.

No BYH to the "young and stupids" out there. Xbox and smartphones have more cancer-causing chemicals then this paper made with soy ink and my beer made with water, hops and barley.

BYH: To those who believe in gun control. You feel gun control will solve all crimes, and all the violence we face. How foolish is that thought. You need to rethink on this. The thing to control these things is called jail. I am a gun owner, and I carry all the time. I have never used my gun in an unlawful manner. Do not step on my rights to protect myself, and my family.

BYH to the City of Greenville. Your town is a boring town, filled with drunks (bars), nothing else to do. Crimes in soaring, streets disruptive and it is hard to get around. Shopping here sucks. What a terrible town to have to visit, especially to live in. Poor leadership is responsible for this.

Bless my heart for ever thinking about leaving Greenville. This city is so much nicer than most of the larger cities in North Carolina and much safer too!

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