Judge not lest ye be judged" is a foundation of faith. However, I have never met anyone who did not judge. Is it even...

March 26 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, March 26, 2019

BYH to Dook fans. It is obvious that Coach K took the whole Blue Devils team to church Sunday morning.

BYH, if Muslims want to arm themselves, they should do so provided they are not felons and have the proper paperwork. Like all citizens, they should exercise their rights under the Constitution. And they shouldn't allow uninformed leftist apparatchiks in a college town to dissuade them.

Why in the world would you not put student parking across the street (Charles Boulevard) where they can play their loud music, drink beer, etc. and have fun. Us in the White Lot feel like we pay a lot to park there and can hardly find a place since half of it is roped off anyway. Personally, I think you have picked on our group more than others. Guess our hearts don't matter.

Went to visit the grandchildren and heard them yelling to Alexa to play some music. I asked who Alexa was and they said she lives in the Cloud. Hope to get them some counseling soon. Imaginary friends are the first signs of becoming a politician.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now the poster child for college indoctrination. We can no longer say that a person is college educated. They are now college indoctrinated. Want proof? The majority of recent college graduates are in favor of AOC's wacky ideas. No surprise that over 90 percent of professors now identify as liberals. Some say that the indoctrination actually starts in grade school. A sad situation in our education system.

In reference to the friend scolding another friend for unfriending someone on Fakebook: I do it often if they sit in the corner and eavesdrop instead of participating. No drama necessary — it's just a pet peeve of mine. Bless your heart, it's none of your business.

"So" has become the new "like" and is so annoying. So can we stop starting sentences with “so”? Ya know what I mean?

BYH, be mindful of your self talk. It’s your conversation with the universe.

Attitude is everything, or almost everything. Greeting people with a smile or friendly hello can make a big difference. A friendly and patient attitude is important. BYH campus administrative office for that positive and engaging attitude that you have — not.

BYH to the town of Farmville for its inconsistency in enforcing its own rules banning commercial vehicles being parked all night long on the roadways. Just look at the construction truck every night on East Wilson Street, the 18-wheel trucks parked along side houses on South Main Street and the logging truck stored in the library's lot.

BYH, I am gobsmacked by how badly the UNC System is run and what they are allowed to get away with.

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