BYH Charlotte City Council for taking a stand against Trump's racist rhetoric. Maybe Greenville will condemn his...

April 14 Bless Your Heart


Sunday, April 14, 2019

BYH, Joan Perry. Not a politician? Baby as a prop, throws out incendiary political buzz words, digs in against the "radical left" and then self-proclaims herself as a political outsider. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

BYH City of Greenville. Put in new street lights so bright that it's like sleeping in the middle of a car lot. I understand the need for the main roads to be lit, but it makes no sense for a small little neighborhood to be that bright. Time for me to move out to the country.

BYH to the one who thinks someone's school has failed to teach him how to read the Bible. ALL public schools fail in this. There are actually several verses in Proverbs that talk about not sparing the rod. Proverbs 13:24, 22:15, 23:13-14

Thanks DR for the local candidate information. Wondering how the democratic candidates feel about the Green New Deal and infanticide which appear to be the hallmark of the national Democratic platform now.

Congrats to SupDogs for being named the best college bar by Twitter votes. We have been drinking there since our high school days and it is still a fun, easy and cheap place to have a good time. The location is great, too, it is just a short stumbling distance from campus!

BYH, two physicians running for Congress and neither one speaks out against the president for the way he discredits climate science. Doctors are supposed to be scientists who base their lives on data-driven research. The vast majority of scientists say our environment is changing for the worse due to human activity. What stance do Murphy and Perry take on acknowledging and addressing climate change?

BYH, the more I learn about people the more I like my dog.

The Democrats want to see President Trump's tax returns. I think all tax returns should be public and accessible online for all to see. If I got to listen to my neighbor's annoying dog barking all night long I should at least be able to see how much money the inconsiderate neighbor makes. He is probably deducting the dog food.

BYH, here is an update on the corporate takeover of America: a coal lobbyist runs the EPA. An oil lobbyist runs the Department of the Interior. A pharma executive runs HHS. A Boeing exec runs the DOD. A billionaire Amway heiress runs the Department of Education. A private equity kingpin runs Commerce.

Bernie Sanders says that felons should be able to vote from behind bars. So if the felons band together would it be possible for them to vote themselves out of prison? The felons could hire lobbyists and become a powerful voting bloc.

BYH to people that will vote for anyone that says they read the Bible. A lot of them don't. They just know what to say to get your vote.

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