As a Democrat I was aware of Congress Walter B. Jones stance on the issue concerning ENC and the 3rd district. BYH to...

April 16 Bless Your Heart


Tuesday, April 16, 2019

BYH to Lakeforest Elementary School. Ms. Lachelle Williams, the kindergarten teacher, and Ms. Tera Brewington (“Ms. B”) the assistant. Pitt County Schools are so blessed to have you both on their team. Thank you both for your loyalty to the school, but most of all to the families of these children.

BYH, "Carolina Cares" is for working poor who can’t afford insurance due to the high costs brought on by Obamacare. Is it not Medicaid. Medicaid is for the disabled, impoverished seniors and children in impoverished homes.

BYH to our city's State Theatre, now up and running just fine. And good job for providing so many chairs at tonight's Tab Benoit concert, if you missed his show you really missed something. Greenvillians, you now have a venue for national acts on a regular basis, pick a show at random and go, you will have a good time every time. Support live music.

BYH, even if we come home with clean clothes in the suitcase, it only takes a minute for the laundry basket to fill.

BYH to our tax system. Why do those already on government assistance get a huge refund … for not working?

Now we have the politicians talking about moving America to socialism. All socialism means is that you cannot be happy unless everybody else is happy. Simply stated socialism means none of us is happy and that we will bring those that are happy down to our wretchedness. Come on down!

BYH to the person looking for a proper replacement for Rep. Walter B. Jones Jr. After reading Allen Thomas' platform I believe he and Jones were of the same mind: nonpartisan concern for all the people of eastern N.C.

Thank you, SHAZAM!, for reminding us all of the existence of the seven deadly sins. BYH to the churches who seem to have forgotten them. We all could use a more frequent reminder of them — especially gluttony by the looks of things.

The question being asked is what will Trump do about student loans? I ask why students do not feel they need to pay these loans back? If we forgive student loans, then how about forgiving car and home loans?

BYH to the Greenville police chief. I am trying hard to understand why, after reading all these comments about traffic violators, you still do nothing to try and stop the NASCAR speeders, lane changers, and texters who are so obvious to safety conscious motorists trying to stay alive. More police presence, please!

The rich people mark Easter as a time to go down to the coast and open up the beach cottage. The poor folk mark Easter as a time to go to church and pray for a beach cottage. And that is why I do not believe in that guff about sea level rise! The rich folk will never allow that.

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